What Happens to the Sacrament (the Reliquae) after Distribution?

It is not by accident that there is a great deal of reverence in the Divine Service associated with the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. The Words of our Lord are chanted deliberately and carefully,[1] the body and blood of … Continue reading

In This Together: A Sermon for the Baptism of Our Lord on St. Matthew 3:13-17

So far this liturgical year we’ve prepared for the Lord’s coming, celebrated His Incarnation, witnessed the slaughter of the Holy Innocents, and looked on as God drew the Magi to worship Him by the leading of a star. Today, for the first … Continue reading

“Inviting Some and Keeping Back Others”: Who is Welcome to the Lord’s Table?

Christ established His Church on earth so that sinners might receive His gifts of Word and Sacrament. Put another way, the Church exists to give sinners Jesus. The last thing we want to do is to put a barrier between … Continue reading

Steadfast Throwdown – Sympathy for the Devil

The Rolling Stones sang their song “Sympathy for the Devil,” and evangelical Christians responded with uproar. But is there anything we can learn from the song (or from John Lennon’s quip about the Beatles being more famous than Jesus Christ)? … Continue reading

Steadfast Throwdown — Becoming a Christian

Posted over on Steadfast Throwdown: How does a person become a Christian and stay a Christian? Not by doing things, but by hearing the Word of Christ. And should we really condemn someone for their faults, foibles, and sins in … Continue reading

Catechism Series, part 11

In this latest installment of our “Steadfast Throwdown” Catechism Series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson, we continue discussing the Sacrament of the Altar. Pr. Abrahamson shows us how Jesus’ new covenant meal fulfills the old covenant, and we smack down the … Continue reading

Catechism Series, part 10

Pr. Joe Abrahamson continues his series on Luther’s Small Catechism on “Steadfast Throwdown.” This time we discuss the Sacrament of the Altar. What is the Sacrament? What does it deliver? Who receives this sacrament worthily? What should Christians do when … Continue reading

Celebrating in the Face of Death, part 2

This week on “Steadfast Throwdown,” we continue discussing Pr. Randy Asburry’s presentation on pastoral care at the time of death. Here we delve into how pastors care for their dying members by means of “The Commendation of the Dying.” Listen … Continue reading

Celebrating in the Face of Death, part 1

“Steadfast Throwdown” co-host Pr. Randy Asburry plays guest as we discuss pastoral care at the time of death. Since every human being ends up in the grave, just how do we deal with death? Christians have a very unique way … Continue reading

Steadfast Throwdown — Round 21

Round 21 of Steadfast Throwdown has now been published! It includes the following:   CATECHISM SERIES, PART 9 (link) Pr. Joe Abrahamson joins us to resume our series on Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. In Part 9, we discuss the Fifth … Continue reading

Steadfast Throwdown — Round 20

Round 20 of Steadfast Throwdown has now been published! It includes the following:   CATECHISM SERIES, PART 8 (link) In this part of our Catechism Series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson, we discuss the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. According to the … Continue reading

“Steadfast Throwdown” NOW available on iTunes!

It’s official! Steadfast Throwdown is now available as a podcast on iTunes. Listen on-demand. Check it out and subscribe to the Steadfast Throwdown podcast. … Continue reading

Study the Catechism with “Steadfast Throwdown”

Martin Luther’s Small Catechism has been called “the layman’s Bible,” chiefly because it teaches the truths of Holy Scripture in plain and simple terms. Join us on “Steadfast Throwdown” as Pr. Joe Abrahamson walks us through “the layman’s Bible” in … Continue reading

New on Steadfast Throwdown

Check out steadfastthrowdown.org for our latest “round” (episode). “Round 13” features Seminarian Jonathan McCall discussing his new ventures in “pastoral formation” and Pr. Joe Abrahamson continuing his series on the Catechism, this time looking at the Law of God, natural … Continue reading

Steadfast Throwdown Series on Luther’s Catechisms

Steadfast Throwdown on KNGN and Pirate Christian Radio has started a series of interviews that focus on the structure and use of Martin Luther’s Catechisms in personal, family, and congregational devotional life. This first program discuses what a Catechism is, … Continue reading

“Steadfast Throwdown” Hits the Airwaves

After three months in the making, the weekly program “Steadfast Throwdown” is now hitting the airwaves on KNGN, AM 1360, broadcasting from McCook, Nebraska, and on Pirate Christian Radio. Co-hosts Pr. Eric Andersen and Pr. Randy Asburry seek to confess … Continue reading

Steadfast Throwdown — a new show courtesy of the Brothers of John the Steadfast — episode 1

Great News!  Pastor Eric Andersen of BJS has come up with a great new show idea.  “Steadfast Throwdown” is a new weekly youtube video that will feature authors from BJS and other blogs answering questions that are commonly asked.  There … Continue reading