Paper or Plastic with Your Fair Trade Baby?

The flagship newspaper of Utilitarianism never disappoints. In its latest edition, The Economist makes the case for fair trade human reproduction. It argues that it is time for a system that allows the “commissioning parents” of a surrogate child to … Continue reading

Good Thing He Didn’t Debate with an Obstetrician

Don’t go by this post because I don’t know how or where to look on the internet for accurate information on such things.  But my take is that in the great debate between Hamm and cheesy Bill Nye the Science … Continue reading

Is theistic evolution compatible with the Christian faith?

On February 4, Ken Ham, founder of creation science organization Answers in Genesis, debated famous scientist and children’s television host Bill Nye “the Science Guy” on the question “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era?” … Continue reading

A Connecticut Shooting in Satan’s Court

Twenty children, six educators, a mother, and a gunman dead in Newtown, CT.  Across the United States there has been an outpouring of grief.  At our congregation’s inner-city school, with 230 children from infants to 8th grade, the tragedy has … Continue reading

Evolution: Black and White in a World of Grey

A recent “Ask a Pastor” asked the following: I was wondering if the Steadfast in Science writer could address where the theory of evolution is wrong in a scientific manner. Scripture passages, although applicable to the believer, won’t suffice in … Continue reading

Biased, Bad, or Breakthrough: Minority Reports in Science

Evolution, akin to religion, involves making certain a priori or metaphysical assumptions, which at some level cannot be proven empirically… I think the best way to deal with creationism, but the way to deal with evolution also, is not to deny … Continue reading

Why We Must be Steadfast In Science, Too

Lutherans have always been great about arguing the fine points of theological minutiae.  This is important, as painful as it may sometimes sound.  The gift that God has given us in His revelation of Himself in Christ is the most … Continue reading

God and “The God Particle”

Humans have always loved to simplify complex theories and ideas with nicknames.  Physicist Fred Boyle referred to the theory that the universe expanded from a singularity with the derogatory phrase “the Big Bang.”  Einstein referred colloquially to the phenomenon of … Continue reading