Question from a Reader — LCFS and Illinois Law

This question came in from a reader: You (BJS) covered this issue a while back (comment # 167 and following on this thread). Particularly there was an article in the Chicago Tribune in which both the president of LCFS and … Continue reading

LHM and Concordia Chicago kick off Reformation 500th Anniversary

Lutheran Hour Ministries and Concordia Chicago Welcome member of the German Union Church to kick off festivities for the Reformation’s 500th Anniversary. In an E-mail invitation sent by Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) pastors have been invited to a special reception … Continue reading

How should a Christian react to the killing of Osama bin Laden?

This was written by BJS board member Pastor Jacob Ehrhard: When news of the killing of Osama bin Laden broke, my Facebook profile was flooded with comments, mostly of joy and excitement. Mixed among them was a spattering of comments … Continue reading

Question from a BJS reader

This question came in from a loyal BJS reader: I was dismayed to see that the Association of Downtown Lutheran Churches ( has both LCMS and ELCA congregations. They are having a conference this weekend at First Lutheran Church of … Continue reading

Offering of Holy Communion on Good Friday

Pastor Karl Weber, author of our post on Ash Wednesday, put together this paper as our parishes have come to accept the Sacrament on Good Friday.   Every Sunday and on other festivals [note 1] In the New Testament, the Sacrament … Continue reading

Circuit Winkel Study on 1 Tim 4:13

Pastor Karl Weber, author of our post on Ash Wednesday (which would be good to re-read in preparation for tomorrow), wrote this paper for discussion among the Pastors at his circuit Winkel (study). He thought it might be useful for … Continue reading

Newsletter Article — Lent Is in the Air

This came in my mailbox from my church — Pastor Jeff Caithamer of St John Lutheran Church in Champaign, IL wrote this. I thought a wider audience might be interested in this information.   Background and Relevance As Christians, it … Continue reading

Beautiful Baptismal Certificates from Wolfson Creative, by Pastor Thomas Messer

Pastor Messer wrote this on his blog and submitted it to us for posting here:   A few weeks back, I contacted Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller for information regarding the beautiful baptismal certificates I saw him advertising here. He responded quickly, … Continue reading

Handling 2010 Convention Resolutions 8-10 and 9-27

In our upcoming Voter’s Assembly (2-27-11), we will have a rare opportunity to respond to the actions of the 2010 National LCMS Convention, which passed two resolutions to amend the Constitution of the LCMS.    In order to become effective, amendments … Continue reading

Question for our Readers – Decision Theology v.s. Affirmation of Faith

The following was submitted to me from a BJS reader about a concern at a church. We are opening up the question to other readers.     This is the last two or three minutes of the Christmas Eve Service … Continue reading

Walther “Checklist”, by Pastor Tom Chryst

Pastor Tom Chryst posted this on his blog and mentioned it in a comment here; I thought it should be called to everyone’s attention and therefore posted it independently of the other comment thread.   Recently, a Lutheran discussion forum … Continue reading

Daily Divine Service Book: A Lutheran Daily Missal, by Pr. H. R. Curtis

For the first time in English, a complete Lutheran daily missal is available for purchase. Edited by Rev. H. R. Curtis, the 728 page volume contains the ordinary of the Common Service, extensive rubrics for a reverent celebration, and full … Continue reading

Unity, a Bible Study by Pastor John F. Wurst

This Bible Study was presented to the women of the LWML at The Lutheran Church of Christ the King in Duluth, Minnesota on Tuesday, September 28 + A.D. 2010. What does unity mean? We often think of unity as being one, like-minded, maybe unity … Continue reading

Is The Long Synodical Nightmare Over? By Pastor David Oberdieck

Pastor David Oberdieck, Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lebanon, MO, submitted this piece to us — a reflection of where we in the LCMS stand at this point, a few months after the convention. He wrote this “to give … Continue reading

Transition Period for the LCMS – Strange Fires, By-Laws and Christ’s Mercy, by Dennis Peskey

Editor’s Introduction – I consider Dennis Peskey, Chairman of Hope Lutheran in De Witt, Michigan and a charter member of the Brothers of John the Steadfast, to be a friend and a skilled lay theologian. His other friends and I … Continue reading

An Hour (or three) with Pastor Tim Rossow, by Rev. Jack Gilbert

On July 30, 2010, I had the privilege of meeting with Pastor Tim Rossow at Bethany Lutheran Church and School in Naperville, Illinois. In communicating with him through the Brothers of John the Steadfast blog and by private e-mails, we … Continue reading

What is Worship? by Rev Joshua Scheer

Rev. Joshua Scheer of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bagley, MN has this article available as a PDF file on his church website; we’ve posted several similar to this in the past, but wanted to make it available to any new … Continue reading

A View of the LCMC from an LCMS Pastor, by Rev. Joshua V. Scheer

Martin Noland mentioned the LCMC in his article on What, Now, for the Moderate Lutherans?. Previous BJS poster Rev. Joshua V. Scheer (here and here) thought it would be informative for BJS readers to understand more about this group, so … Continue reading