Slow and Steady Wins the Catechetical Race — by Pastor Ryan Loeslie

The following is a guest article by Rev. Ryan Loeslie, Pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Merna, Nebraska. Most of us are familiar with Aesop’s Fable of the tortoise and the hare.  The hare boasted of his speed repeatedly.  But tiring … Continue reading

Guest Post — Sean Smith on LYF Youth Poll

Posted by Sean Smith on Facbook, an article pointing to   48.3 percent responded that pre-marital sex is always wrong, 16.1 percent that it is OK if both people love each other and 14.3 percent that it is ok … Continue reading

Guest Post — Benedict Arnold and the Bosphorus

Here is a guest post written by Pastor Charles Lehmann and originally posted on his blog.   Until two days ago I knew next to nothing about Benedict Arnold.  I knew that he was a revolutionary war figure whose name … Continue reading

Guest Post: Thoughts on the Upcoming Election for Synod President by Rev. Andrew Yeager

In the next few days, pastors and lay leaders in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod will vote for the president of our Missouri Synod. As the election of draws near, my memory is taken back some two convention cycles ago, to … Continue reading

The Emperor’s Fig Leaves: Feminism and the Draft

This guest article is written by Rev. John Preus, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Clinton, Iowa.   The Emperor’s Fig Leaves: Feminism and the Draft When the emperor wore no clothes, the subservient crowds were fooled by their own … Continue reading

Thoughts by a Concerned Layman on the Diaconate…

Here’s a submission from a Concerned Layman: Before I begin in earnest, let me say that I am not a pastor, nor am I an expert in theology, Lutheran or otherwise. I am simply a layman in the Lutheran Church … Continue reading

Should Lutheran Preaching Condemn False Teachers? — Guest post by Pr. Johannes Nieminen

  A spirit of universalism and toleration which is indifferent to doctrine suggests that the Lutheran church, while confessing the truth, need not condemn other church bodies or their various errant teachings. Such condemnations are deemed to be insensitive and … Continue reading

Best Practices for “Ministry”? Report from Rev. Brian Flamme

The “Best Practices for Ministry” description is brief on the convention website. “A FREE conference encouraging pastors, church workers and lay people as we reach out with the Gospel of Christ.  For those who love: the local church, the unchurched, … Continue reading

Guest Post from Pastor Bolland — It’s Time for the ACELC

This was original added as a comment on another post.   We watched it all happen. Over the decades we watched it all, from the misled ecumenism of the Statement of the 44, in 1945; through the 70’s Battle of … Continue reading

Talking with little ones about the Sixth — Guest post by Holly Scheer

The Sixth Commandment isn’t less relevant with on demand sex around every virtual corner In the not-so-distant past pornography was disseminated in print or video. Plenty of titillating images were shared on the playgrounds of our youth, but it was … Continue reading

Guest Article — Misers and Miserable Sinners

BJS welcomes guest articles; here is another one from Pr. Engelbrecht. To submit your own articles, contact us.   From descriptions of Dickens’ Ebenezer Scrooge, we know the word “miser” (though the word does not occur in Dickens’ novel, A … Continue reading

The Church in Need – A Hard Look at Giving – Guest post by Vanessa

Thanks to Vanessa for this guest post.  For more by Vanessa check out her regular blog: Bible, Beer, and Babies. No one likes to talk about money. I know of no church elder, pastor or lay member who enjoys standing in front … Continue reading

Great Stuff – How God Blessed the Reformation through Katie Luther

From the Evangelical Lutheran Synod… Katharina von Bora was born January 29, 1499. Much about her life must remain a mystery to us, but some sources give us glimpses and insights. Prayer and faith. As a young girl, Katharina von … Continue reading

Rejected by FiveTwo: How I Failed My Sacramental Entrepreneur Aptitude Test – Guest Article by Vanessa

Rejected by FiveTwo: How I Failed My Sacramental Entrepreneur Aptitude Test The first time I heard the title “sacramental entrepreneur” I’m pretty sure my brow furrowed with confusion. I know what a Sacrament is. I know what an entrepreneur is. … Continue reading

We need pastors not pansies — Guest Article by Vanessa Rasanen

The following was submitted by Vanessa Rasanen, who runs Bible, Beer, and Babies blog. I became a Christian nearly a decade ago, attending church regularly with my husband. Okay. Mostly regularly. We spent many of those years giving into the world’s … Continue reading

Guest Article — Grace and the Corrupter

Posted by Rev. Edward A. Engelbrecht, Concordia Publishing House O you sons of men, return, And you their daughters, come. And abandon the ways of that Corrupter, And approach me. (Ode of Solomon 33:6–7) This beautiful plea for repentance from … Continue reading

The Church and the Single Mom — A guest post by Dcs. Ellie Corrow

When I was in college a couple of friends were brainstorming about where I could meet a nice, Christian man, since it was clear to them that I was single, 25, and committed to my faith. The face of one … Continue reading

Guest Article — Just what do you say when others experience crosses?

by Holly Scheer There are defining moments that stick with us, both of the good and bad variety. When things go well we can share our joy with others. When things go sour we can share our heartache.Sometimes it’s hard … Continue reading

Building up the Body of Christ (by rebuilding the laity core) — Guest article by Gene White of the CLCC

 Hopefully the title clarifies a concern of many clergy and laity within Lutheranism over a trend of the last few decades. All those concerned can clearly see the need for reversal of the trend. Allow me to clarify what this … Continue reading

Who Really Gets Saved?

The following is written in response to an ELCA article in “The Lutheran” entitled “Who Gets Saved” which taught universalism.  You can find it here.  This article is written by Pastor Paul Fries of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  The original … Continue reading

How to make it through church with children — Guest post by Holly Scheer

Sitting calmly in one spot, standing on cue, holding a hymnal without letting it become a projectile, going for communion without scaling the rail- do these sound like your goals for your little ones for church? How can an hour … Continue reading

Thrivent stumbling over the truth…

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” Sir Winston Churchill was the iterator of these clever, but troubling words. And so why share them? It wasn’t … Continue reading

Lutheran Schools and the Small Catechism — guest article by Andrew Strickland

Christmas shopping is always an exciting endeavor. By exciting I mean terrifyingly hectic. By terrifyingly hectic I mean I wish I had gotten it done much earlier. On one of those shopping adventures I ran into a former student. We … Continue reading

Poisonous perfection and the importance of forgiveness — Guest Article by Holly Scheer

How often when dealing with a particularly offensive transgression have you asked your child, “Why did you do that?” If they couldn’t answer in a satisfactory way, did it make you even more upset? I have had that happen to … Continue reading

Hot for Preacher — The issue of lust in the church.

Lust. To be honest, this seems to get a lot more attention as a man’s sin. Men – with their visual-driven minds – are warned against the danger of this sin repeatedly. And we know lust exists in the church. … Continue reading