Great Stuff — Bylaws vs. the Word of God

Another Great article found over on Pastor Lincoln Winter’s blog, Musings of a Country Parson:   There are not a lot of pending resolutions for the Wyoming District convention. That’s not unusual. With a small district, we have a pretty … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Giving thanks for care and growth of career missionaries

Great stuff found over on WMLTblog:   Dear Fellow Redeemed in Christ! “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good.” (Ps. 107:1) We are blessed with the gift of faith through Holy Baptism and the preaching of God’s Word … Continue reading

Great Stuff: Dr. Kilcrease Reviews Dr. Becker’s Fundamental Theology

Found at Logia Online. Highly needed and valuable, a review of Dr. Matthew L. Becker’s book, Fundamental Theology: A Protestant Perspective, by a competent academic, scriptural Christian, and confessional Lutheran. Now we have it Logia‘s book review by Dr. Jack Kilcrease. … Continue reading

Sisters of Katie Luther — Celebrating the Church Year — April

Another post on Sisters of Katie Luther. Parents: Be sure to watch Sisters of Katie Luther near the end of each month so you can prepare some activities for the upcoming month.   Life is busy. Sometimes in all the … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Quid Est Veritas?

Another great post over on GottesdienstOnline by Pastor Larry Beane:   I just read a statement by a professor on the LCMS clergy roster who favors the ‘ordination’ of women. He made a curious reference to passages of Scripture perhaps … Continue reading

CPH Webinar — Designing Your Church Website

Thanks to a tweet from Paul McCain this morning, I found the announcement of a webinar in a week (Thursday the 12th at 10AM). It’s only a half-hour webinar, but it may have some useful information in it. I would … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Faith, Family and the Catechism

Here is an article by Bart Day found over on   In the midst of all the busyness of life–running kids to soccer practice, making supper, getting to confirmation, buying groceries–we run the risk of losing our firm grounding … Continue reading

Great Stuff — International Mission Priorities and Strategic Plan

Found over on   At the LCMS International Center, we are engaged in the budgeting process for the next fiscal year which begins on July 1, 2015. At times, people wonder how budgeting priorities are decided (in fact the … Continue reading

Great Stuff — A Church Planting Movement

Found over on   If I was going to sell you on a new church planting movement it might go something like this… “Hi, I’m Rev. Steve Schave, director of church planting for the LCMS Office of National Mission. … Continue reading

WMLTblog — Concerning the President’s Duties

Found over on [[ Our constitution/bylaws can be found here ]]   Dear Friends, Because we know the Gospel of full forgiveness by the blood of Jesus, we also recognize the voice of our Savior in Holy Scripture. “My … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Opportunities in Africa (Ethiopia) for Theological Education (GSI)

Associate Editor’s Note:  The following demonstrates a great shift that is going on.  While many churches have a long way to go, there are many worldwide who are desiring to learn and confess Lutheranism.  The video below also notes a … Continue reading

Great Stuff — The Biblical and Theological Foundations for Mission — Regional Directors’ Meeting

Found over on   Saint Louis, MO: Concordia Publishing House January 26-28, 2015 The Regional Directors, representing Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, gathered at Concordia Publishing House’s Gerber Room for continuing education on missiology with Rev. Dr. Klaus … Continue reading

January 2015: Focus on International Mission

Found over on   Throughout January, the LCMS focuses on international mission. In the 121 years since the LCMS sents its first missionaries abroad to India, the church has been involved in international mission. The primary goal of LCMS … Continue reading

U.S. Church Planting: A New Initiative for the LCMS

An article by Melanie Ave found over on   A new chapter on church planting is about to begin in the recent history book of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Faced with population shifts and a request for the Synod … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Where’s the beef?

Found over on Pastoral Meanderings:   Though many of the recent worship battles have focused on style, style doesn’t really matter, said J. Daniel Day, retired senior professor of Christian preaching and worship at Campbell University Divinity School in Buies Creek, … Continue reading

Great Stuff — ULC – Of Woundedness, Trials, Trust and Faith

Found over on By Oliver Young – a perspective from a long-time member of University Lutheran Chapel    A quick Google search will reveal that woundedness is ‘The quality or state of being wounded.’ That very simple, succinct definition leaves … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Creches and Crucifixes

Another great article found over on   Crucifixes can scare Lutherans. Even good Lutherans. The kinds of Lutherans who like to sing hymns with their families on Christmas Eve and who write checks each Sunday and who love their pastor … Continue reading

Great Stuff – Reformation of Suffering

Suffering. The many explanations are pretty much a pile of rubbish. People suffer on without consolation. The explanations more or less just pile on, making suffering worse. Think of Job’s comforters; and let’s not be too harsh on them. Do … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Four things Lutherans believe about the Law that are false … and true

Found over on Pr. Surburg’s blog:   In our study of Scripture we return to the same texts, yet we often do not find them to be same.  Naturally the text hasn’t changed.  Instead we have changed in our knowledge … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Engage the Culture? Don’t.

Do you engage the culture? Are you culturally relevant? If not, then how can you say that you believe in sharing the Gospel? Or didn’t you know that “lost people matter to God”?
I hear this a great deal, in the broader

Continue reading

Redeemer Conference with Dr. John Stephenson

Found on the Lutheran Calendar — post your items here and put it on your blog’s sidebar to announce events to others.   The Good News: It is free! No registration. More Good News: Dr. John Stephenson, of Concordia Seminary … Continue reading

ACL / Luther Academy – Marriage, Sex, and Gender in the Lutheran Church Today

As found on the Lutheran Calendar here. Mark your calendars for this event!   The Association of Confessional Lutherans   and   The Luther Academy are in the process of planning the next Congress on the Lutheran Confessions ACL National … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Talking Sheep: The Role of the Laity in the Church

Found over on Bible Beer and Babies written by Vanessa Rasanen:   I’ve never been known for my tact. I rarely say the right thing, and even when I do I usually say it in the completely wrong way. Perhaps … Continue reading

Great Stuff — How I Became a… Church Growth Disciple

Found over on InternetMonk, written by Mike Bell:   First of all a confession. The title is really just an attention grabber, and a weak attempt to get Miguel to sputter coffee through his nose. Although a second confession would … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Livestream Broadcast of Hymn Festival in Honor of Richard Resch Tonight

FORT WAYNE, Ind.—Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS), Fort Wayne, Indiana, is pleased to announce a special livestreaming event this evening from the Good Shepherd Institute Conference. “My Times Are in Your Hand: A Musical Festschrift in Honor of Kantor Richard C. … Continue reading