There’s Nothing Like Charts Set to Music – New Video by Brian Yamabe

Frequent BJS commentator Brian Yamabe produced this video which we discovered on the  Wittenberg Trail earlier this morning. The last couple of slides are new for this BJS version. The charts shown in the video are available here. Here is … Continue reading

The Saga of a Return to the LCMS Only to Find it Hijacked ““ Part I, by Carol Wysocki

(Editor’s Note by Pastor Rossow: Carol Wysocki is a lay-woman from the Chicago area. After enduring the saga detailed below she began doing countless hours of research into the loss of the traditional Lutheran church. She has as business background … Continue reading

Fill “˜Er Up With Law Please

We continue to bring you things that we find around the web .. here is another post that we found on Scott Diekmann’s Stand Firm blog: Feeling like your missional gas tank is on “E?” Head on over to, … Continue reading

Time for a BRTFGS – LCMS Safety Pause Brought to You by Alaska Airlines

I found this on Scott Diekmann’s Stand Firm blog. Scott is a frequent BJS author and commentator, and is an airline pilot for Alsaka Airlines in “real life”, which is helpful to know to understand why  he talks about taxiing … Continue reading

New edition of the Book of Concord – Henkel German to English translation

As a word or three of introduction, my Mother-in-law, my wife, and I were involved in the project that BJS is promoting below. I cannot tell you the enjoyment that it brought to us as we typed, read, and proofread … Continue reading