Safe in the North-West

(Rev. Otten has written several articles over the years under the category “Steadfast Lessons from the Past.”) DE JA VU or SAFE IN THE NORTH WEST Several years ago this Hyper Euro Sacerdotalist vowed that he had written his last … Continue reading

Steadfast Lessons from the Past ““ A Church Secretary’s Stand Against Liberalism, by Rev. Walt Otten

(Rev. Otten other posts are archived on our Regular Columns page under the title “Steadfast Lessons from the Past.”) She was the only church and school secretary of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Brookfield, Illinois, for 16 years. During her … Continue reading

Steadfast Lessons from the Past ““ Selective Memory of My Friend Richard Neuhaus, by Rev. Walter Otten

(Walt’s regular posts are archived on the Regular Columns page under the title “Steadfast Lessons from the Past.”)   What many have called Richard John Neuhaus, I also do.   He was a “friend.”   Richard John Neuhaus died on … Continue reading

A “Lutheran Pope” from Years Gone By, by Pr. Walt Otten

(Editor’s Note: Walt Otten writes our “Steadfast Lessons from the Past” Column which is archived on the Regular Columns page. For those who may not know, the “Lutheran Pope” referred to below is former LCMS President J. A. O. Preus.) … Continue reading

Steadfast Lessons from the Past: Is the Book of Jonah Really Historical? by Rev. Walt Otten

(Some of our readers may be unfamiliar with the ‘battle for the Bible” in the LCMS during the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Many in the synod, even seminary professors, fell prey to the false teaching that the Bible contains errors … Continue reading

Steadfast Lessons of the Past – A Poem by Kurt Marquart

(Editor’s Note: The Brothers of John the Steadfast are honored to let this beautiful little poem see the light of the public eye  for the very first time.)   What appears below are the words of a true Brother of … Continue reading

Speaking of BJS in Canada, Walt Otten Checks in with Steadfast Lutherans from the Past

(A few weeks ago we heralded the first international BJS chapter. It is up in Ontario, Canada. Pastor Otten in his regular column takes us north of the border again for another Steadfast Lesson from the Past. Be sure to … Continue reading

Steadfast Lessons from the Past ““ A Past Steadfast Professor from Concordia ““ Chicago: Dr. Neelak Tjernagel, by The Rev. Walt Otten

(Editor’s note: The Rev. Otten offers a timely post in these days when we struggle with professors at Concordia Chicago who have signed a petition in support of the Marxist-anarchist William Ayers. We thank him for this story of a … Continue reading

Happel and Gebauer ““ Steadfast Brothers of the 60’s, by Pr. Walt Otten

(This is another of Pastor Otten’s posts in his regular column: Steadfast Lessons from the Past. The others can be viewed here. This column is a follow up to his column from September 23. We encourage the Brothers to read … Continue reading

Unsung Steadfast Heroes of Past LCMS Battles, by Pr. Walt Otten

(Editor’s Note: Pastor Otten writes the BJS regular column “Steadfast Lessons from the Past.” The columns are archived here. Walter Bouman, well known liberal, of whom he writes here left the LCMS and became an ALC pastor in 1977. He … Continue reading

This is Not Your “Grandmothers” Church, by Pr. Walt Otten

(Pr. Otten writes the “Steadfast Lessons from the Past” column found on the “Regular Columns” page.)   We have heard that it is no longer your grandfather’s church, but it is also no longer your grandmother’s church.   This grandmother, … Continue reading

This Was Your Grandfather’s Church

by Pastor Walt Otten The Brothers of John the Steadfast have asked this 1959 Concordia, St. Louis graduate to prepare a bi-monthly post for this website entitled “This Was Your Grandfather’s Church.” The editor’s instructions to me were, “Just Look … Continue reading

“Your Grandfather’s Church” is a Litmus Test of the Steadfast

(Pr. Walter Otten) Naperville, Illinois is an interesting place to visit. It has a long and well-preserved history, highlighted by Naper Settlement, a re-creation of past lifestyles in this now-booming city. The citizens of this town commemorated the beginning of … Continue reading