Anonymous Complaints and their fruit…

Complaints are a part of life in a fallen world.  Add to that a culture of personal opinions and tastes, and complaint can become of increased importance.  Complaints can be necessary.  They also hold the power to utterly destroy people … Continue reading

A Gordian Knot of bylaws – How could a Synod President remove a District President?

The Gordian Knot is an interesting tale.  Alexander the Great’s solution is also interesting.  The LCMS Handbook lays out a Gordian Knot called Dispute Resolution (which produced the results of Dr. Becker’s being viewed as an orthodox Lutheran not needing … Continue reading

What to do in the congregation concerning the LCMS?

So with the news of the LCMS inability to deal with one of its most flagrant dissenters since the 1970s, it is sure to be an issue that the people of God need to learn about.  One of the best … Continue reading

Why I joined the ACELC.

Last night I received a phone call from Rev. Dan Bremer informing me that the ACELC has accepted my associate membership to the organization (associate membership is for individuals; membership is for congregations).  Here is why I joined using the … Continue reading

Good Lutheran Preaching is hard to find but easy to buy…

This is no game or playful philosophy. It is war and it is deadly serious. Our preaching is an act of war. We preach Jesus first because that is the way the devil is defeated and the souls of men … Continue reading

The Brothers of John the Steadfast – Where Clergy Domination is Waning…

Naperville, IL — While the claim of clericalism and clergy domination continues to sell tickets to the latest and greatest fifteen year old fad conferences (then again how long ago was the Korah1440BC Conference?  Numbers 16?), something has been happening … Continue reading

Ad Crucem- Authentic Lutheran Art, Cards, and More

As we slowly begin the approach to the Advent and Christmas season as well as pastor appreciation month there is a new and incredible resource for Lutheran items. Ad Crucem is a site run by Wanita Wood that sells art, … Continue reading

The Spam Folder tested the spirits – so should you.

I received a mass email from an LCMS pastor, Rev. Chris Dodge earlier this week.  Today, I found it in the spam folder.  Turns out the spam filter is smarter than I thought – for the email gave two links … Continue reading

Do Recycled Visions fuel the Lutheran Church Growth Machine?

Here is something  to point out about the five-two thing. is a South Korean organization “started by Alex Lim and Matt Suhocki to help missionaries with fundraising.” It works out of “Jubilee Church” [The Korean Association of Independent Churches … Continue reading

Liberals and their changing the meanings of words…

So now with Wiki14 conference over and everyone hyped by the likes of the FiveTwo folks in the LCMS, bringing in the latest and greatest (read: too old to sell to the evangelicals but the “lutherans” are still buying) of … Continue reading

Another District Men’s Retreat – more guns and Church/State

Below you will find the text of my presentation given to the men of the Wyoming District a couple weeks ago in beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming.  The man also enjoyed once again the fun of having range time with their choice … Continue reading

The Synod President – A Man Under Orders

It is well known that BJS has often supported President Matthew Harrison (especially in the 2010 effort to elect him), and that at times we have also been critical of him.  In considering the situations and persons involved, it is … Continue reading

Just who should come to teach at our Seminaries?

See the press release which mentions that Dr. Daisy Machado teaches at Union Theological Seminary, but fails to mention the fact that she is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Click here for her biography courtesy … Continue reading

God, my loving Savior sends them…

Often the topic of how God governs all things comes up in parish life during suffering and struggles.  Questions will arise about God being the cause of something (sin is the cause of this damned mess), allowing something (as if … Continue reading

A Lutheran book on purgatory, pastoral purgatory

A new book was brought to my attention the other day concerning the many pastors in the LCMS who are on “candidate status”.  BJS has long tried to address the issue of pastors who are sinfully removed from their calls, … Continue reading

The Right Hand of God

“He ascended into haven and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty” -Apostles Creed This week we celebrate that our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven.  Our creeds makes specific mention of this and then also mention … Continue reading

Who are the preachers in your lives?

I once heard a great sermon during a pastor’s conference held on the campus of the University of Wyoming in which the pastor called the professors “preachers”.  This was a fairly new way to think of it for me, but … Continue reading

Sinful Removal of Pastors — Let me count the ways…

If you or your congregation are considering taking that “vote” to remove a pastor (or using such a vote to coerce his resignation), check to make sure that it is for legitimate reasons (persistent adherence to false doctrine; great public … Continue reading

Just where are you teaching them to go? An overall question for pastoral and churchly practices.

Last night we had public examination of catechumens in the congregation I serve.  The catechumens confessed the faith in good fashion.  One of the questions that I asked had to do with having to move away from our area and … Continue reading

Pastor loses house, possessions — A call for help from his brothers (and sisters).

UPDATE – the first goal met, we are trying to raise $25,000. Dear Readers of BJS, Please consider this opportunity to show love for an LCMS pastor who recently lost his home and possessions.   From Pr. Gaven Mize, co-editor … Continue reading

For Those Who Didn’t Swim — A Sermon by Rev. Dr. Albert Collver

Recently I came across a sermon preached on the occasion of a Lutheran pastor leaving his church and confession behind to join with the “Orthodox” Church.   It is a sermon that helps care for all those left behind when … Continue reading

Read the Book.

Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.   – Jude 3 … Continue reading

Lent – Let charity prevail – give to help a family of eight who lost everything in a fire.

Readers of BJS – every once in a while we ask you to consider supporting situations of need.  This is one of those times.   An LCMS family of 8 just lost their home to a fire on Thursday, Feb 27.  … Continue reading

Why is Pastor Rossow such a Mean-poopie?

This post is meant to be fun, but it also makes a serious point. In the course of writing for and serving as Associate Editor here at BJS I have found that lots of folks take issue with our Editor, … Continue reading

Listen to Concord Matters tomorrow on KFUO — with a Campus Ministry flavoring…

On Saturday I hosted the KFUO show Concord Matters along with two guests, Pr. David Kind of ULC in Minneapolis and Pr. Marcus Zill of St. Andrews in Laramie, WY (LCMS U).  We had an excellent time going through the … Continue reading