Thank you for supporting Candidates (CRM)

In a previous post, I passed along a request to provide some funds to help pastors without calls celebrate Christmas.  That effort was led by Pr. Ken Kelly.  Pr. Kelly sent this note to any of you who helped donate. … Continue reading

Statement Clarifying the Position of Concordia University, St. Paul from its President

Recently the secular media has been picking up a story coming out of Concordia University, St. Paul.  It had quoted President Ries in a very strange way (as the media often does in relation to the church, especially in a … Continue reading

Supporting Pastors in Need at Christmas

We have often reported of the horrid conditions that many men find themselves in on Candidate status.  Here is an opportunity for anyone who wants to help these men at this time of the year. This effort is being headed … Continue reading

Being “Spiritually Fed”: by Thought, Feeling, or by Faith?

19 By this we shall know that we are of the truth and reassure our heart before him; 20 for whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything.    1 John 3:19-20 There is a … Continue reading

Vicar Overture for 2016 Convention

This came to my attention the other day.  It is a good overture to try to restore faithfulness to our Lutheran Confessions in our use of vicars.  Any member congregation can submit an overture to the LCMS Convention.  For more … Continue reading

Free for theology folks who know Latin — Martin Chemnitz’s works!

Lutheran Heritage Foundation is offering a free hardcover copy of selected works of Martin Chemnitz in Latin.  They do ask that you donate to help offset shipping costs if you are able. To order, call the LHF office at (800)554-0723 … Continue reading

Jesus speaks against the Heavenly Vision Profit Industry.

in the past few years we have seen “Heaven is for Real” become a best-selling book and movie.  In fact the movie sold $100 million worldwide and now $37 million in DVD and other media as well.  The book was … Continue reading

The LCMS has a new 6th Vice President!

News came out today from the LCMS administration that the Rev. Dr. Robert Kuhn resigned as the Sixth Vice President (East-Southeast Region) of the LCMS for health reasons.  Please include him in your prayers.  He has served the Synod very faithfully … Continue reading

District President May does the right thing and confesses the faith rather than going “interfaith”.

From the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: This quote describes the event: A responsive reading of a prayer for the Earth from Pope Francis’ recent encyclical on the environment will highlight an interfaith gathering Aug. 30 in Fort Wayne. Miami Indian … Continue reading

Being a Man in the Church

I presented on this topic for the 3rd annual Wyoming District Men’s Retreat this past weekend.  What follows are my thoughts which I expanded for the presentation.  Sadly, the recording of this was lost due to technical errors. Being a … Continue reading

Supporting Lutheran Missionaries – the Network Model

The LCMS has been sending more and more missionaries throughout the world.  It is sometimes thought of that the massive LCMS budget covers this, but it does not.  Instead the missionaries are a part of the process to raise the … Continue reading

Prayers Requested — For President Harrison and his family at the loss of their home to fire.

From the LCMS facebook page: The Ballwin, Mo., home of Synod President Rev. Dr. Matthew and Kathy Harrison suffered an accidental house fire today, Wednesday, July 29. All thanks to God, though the damage was severe, no one was hurt. … Continue reading

Secular Media Covers Becker – no surprise on their take

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, hardly known for its love of conservatives in the LCMS has published an “article” (read: opinion piece) on the Dr. Becker suspension and derostering.  Click here for their article. First off, honorable mention to our Associate … Continue reading

Concordia University Plan for the Future? A consolidated Concordia?

What I mention in this article is my opinion and thinking out loud.  It was prompted by the Synod President’s comments after the same-sex marriage decision of the Supreme Court (see his interview with Issues Etc.).  He stated that student … Continue reading

The Call Process Primer

Calling a new pastor is a great and glorious occasion.  It can however be a hard time as well.  Your congregation is going through a lot of things after losing its pastor.  There is grief in many situations at his … Continue reading

District Conventions Updates…. Post them here

District Conventions have begun and are currently at a frenzy.  Feel free to give news in the comments of interesting resolutions, speakers, and elections from your own district (keeping in mind the comment policy here at BJS). My own convention … Continue reading

BJS Update – a new Associate Editor and more….

It has taken a little while to get things in order since taking over the organization and the blog, but things are beginning to move.  First and foremost for the blogs’ sake, we now have an Associate Editor to help … Continue reading

Support Needed for Zion Lutheran in Delmont, South Dakota

A tornado swept through Delmont, SD yesterday and destroyed the church building of Zion Lutheran Church.  I know Pastor Brian Bucklew, the pastor there well (from seminary days and after, I had the honor of preaching at his ordination) who … Continue reading

Repost: Sinful Removal of Pastors — Let me count the ways…

Editors note: This is always timely but is being reposted because several examples of this horrid, shameful, and unchristian behavior have come to my attention.  If you or your congregation are considering taking that “vote” to remove a pastor (or … Continue reading

Those are some awfully big shoes… Thanks to Pastor Rossow for being a confessor of the faith.

Yesterday Pr. Rossow told the news of my promotion here at BJS.  There will be much more to come on that in the coming weeks, including some new projects currently underway and some other tweaks to the site.  First though … Continue reading

The Original Synod’s view on worship…

From: The original constitution of the LCMS put it this way when considering uniformity of worship within the Synod: 14. Synod holds in accordance with the 7th article of the Augsburg Confession that uniformity in ceremonies is not essential; yet … Continue reading

A Reminder on the BJS Comment Policy

Dear all, As we work out the kinks of the new site (thank you Norm), I write this to remind you of our comment policy.  The system used for moderation in the previous site has not been working properly, so … Continue reading

2015 Conference Wrap Up — dealing with heterodoxy at home

I am finally back home and can write this up – The conference ended on Saturday after a great set of presentations.  During the morning we received a great presentation on Doctrine AND Practice by Rev. Larry Beane, who did … Continue reading

Day One Wrap Up and Hopes for Day Two

Well day one of the 2015 BJS Conference has ended.  It was a good day.  It is a first in the LCMS to have a conference which openly wants to discuss the topic of heterodoxy and how it is best … Continue reading

A New Sister Site – Sisters of Katie Luther

There are going to be some new things happening during the 2015 Conference.  You have seen the NEW site for BJS, now see another NEW site, the Sisters of Katie Luther.  It is a site devoted to the women of … Continue reading