Change Change Change, A Cartoon by Scott Blazek

This is an older Blazek cartoon never published on BJS but we thought it was fitting for the upcoming Regional Gatherings at which President  Kieschnick’s hand picked  Blue Ribbon Task Force will try to persuade the LCMS convention delegates that … Continue reading

New Cartoon from Pr. Blazek – It’s Rough Out There for Some Young Pastors

This is a special mid-quarterly cartoon. We normally only post the cartoons from the Steadfast Qarterly but this time thought we would provide you a mid-quarter treat. Click on the cartoon for a larger size; use your browser’s BACK button … Continue reading

The Sleeping Giant, A Cartoon and Comment by Pr. Scott Blazek Introducing a Special Issue of the Steadfast Quarterly

(Editor’s Note: We know Pastor Blazek for his cartoons but he is also a fine theologian. He wrote the following article to go along with this quarter’s cartoon. The next issue of the Steadfast Quarterly is being printed and prepared … Continue reading

Does Anybody See that Elephant in the Room? A Fresh Cartoon from Pastor Blazek

Thanks to cartoonist Rev. Scott Blazek for providing this wonderful satire. Be sure to check for the subtle label on the rug… Click on the cartoon to make it more readable. … Continue reading

An Inauguration Day Gift from Cartoonist Rev. Scott Blazek

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New Cartoon from Pastor Blazek

Sorry for the long wait for a new cartoon. As usual, Pastor Blazek has given us much food for thought. Enjoy and be edified. (you can click on the cartoon to make it larger) Pastor Rossow … Continue reading

We Need Some Levity – A New Cartoon by Pastor Blazek

After all this serious (but necessary) discussion of the Texas “Lutheran” Youth Gathering, we need some levity. If it strikes his fancy I am sure Pastor Blazek will draw a cartoon based on the gathering but for now we will … Continue reading

The Ablaze Edsel Dealership

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June 25, 2008

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