The Purdue Christmas Program, O’Reilly, The War on Christmas and President Harrison, by Pr. Rossow

When it comes to the two kingdoms, I tend to be an old fashioned, quietest Lutheran. It’s getting tougher in this country to remain quiet. Here’s a collection of miscellany on this topic. First, President Harrison makes it tough to … Continue reading

ACELC Posts Convention Overtures, by Pr. Rossow

The Association of Confessing Evangelical Lutheran Churches has produced some very thoughtful overtures for the upcoming LCMS Convention next summer. We encourage you to study these carefully, bring them to your elders and voters, edit them as you see fit and … Continue reading

Art Just Video on Baptism at Lutheran Visuals, by Pr. Rossow

    Lutheran Visuals puts out some great stuff. We have used Dr. Just’s video on the liturgy here at our parish. (I reference it in the booklet on “The Liturgy in the Book of Reveleation.”) Lutheran Visuals has a special on a … Continue reading

Confessions and Conversion of a Former Jesus-Firster, by P. Rossow

Over on the “Tale of Two Synods” post from Pastor Daniel Hinton is the following story of how this blog and others have helped someone see the light of the liturgy and other things authentically Lutheran. It is from a … Continue reading

The End Times Cry of the DP’s: “Stay Off the Blogs!” by Pr. Rossow

When is the last time you heard a District President warn the pastors of his district to stay away from the latest heterodox evangelical fad with all its attendant published paraphernalia or from the latest secular-sociological demographics study that holds the key … Continue reading

Sound Off on the Election Results, by Pr. Rossow

For sure BJS is not a political blog. I am actually surprised and pleased at how seldom the BJS nation inserts political commentary into the blog comments. As a reward, or maybe not, let’s take this one post and use it to … Continue reading

Capitalism & Heresy – 500 Bucks gets you a Seat at the Women’s Ordination Conference, by Pr. Rossow

How would you like to join others in the LCMS for a conference geared toward developing an overture for  the 2013 LCMS convention to ordain women? It will only cost you $500 to attend! But wait, there’s more. The conference is out … Continue reading

Lehenbauer and Harrison Team Up and Put Thrivent $$$ to Good Use for Confessional Theology, by Pr. Rossow

The 2010 LCMS convention asked the Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR) to work with the synod president to promote confessional Lutheran theology worldwide. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans provides boat loads of money via grants each year for the major Lutheran … Continue reading

Something Everyone can do to Help Synod and President Harrison – Recruit SOB Staff, by Pr. Rossow

Under the new blue ribbon structure the president and other staff have a lot more responsibility for hiring new executives and other employees in the Synod Office Building (affectionately known as the “SOB”). This will have a lasting effect on … Continue reading

President Newton Meet Abby, Outside the Labyrinth, by Pr. Rossow

In a post earlier this week Todd Wilken, host of the Issues, Etc. radio program, alerted BJS readers to a troubling conference promoted by the California/Nevada/Hawaii district of the LCMS. Our BJS readers have proven their mettle once again by dropping … Continue reading

Founder and Editor of BJS on KFUO this Morning, by Pr. Rossow

Hey, that’s me. I will be interviewed on the Morning Show on KFUO radio this morning at 8:30 CST. The host is Pastor Randy Asbury, a confessional pastor from St. Louis. The show can be heard by clicking here. BJS on … Continue reading

BJS Reaches 5 Million Page Load Milestone, by Pr. Rossow

Here at The Brothers of John the Steadfast we fashion ourselves as the go-to-place for Lutheran News and Commentary and by at least one measure we are achieving that goal. A few weeks ago we passed the five million page … Continue reading

Wisdom from Marilee, by Pr. Rossow

Over on the post about the Divine Service at Christ Lutheran, Stevensville, Michigan, a BJS commenter named Marilee offered the following which deserves a wider hearing. As a returning Lutheran (away for way too long) I expected to come back … Continue reading

Songs I Can’t Turn Off – Coldplay’s “When I Ruled the World,” Thank you Issues Etc! by Pr. Rossow

Things have been pretty serious in BJS land for the last couple of weeks so let’s take a break and make a couple of fun/profound lists. You pull into the parking place and you are about to get out of … Continue reading

Maytag Repairman Pastor – Waiting for Confessers, by Pr. Rossow

Many of you will remember the Maytag commercials about the lonely repairman. He was lonely because the product was so dependable and never needed fixing. I feel a little like the Maytag Pastor today, waiting to hear confessions and not … Continue reading

Micro Koinonia Project Part II – Defining the Problem, by Pr. Rossow

Pastor Mark Schulz and I are embarking on an interesting path. We are on near opposite ends of the LCMS spectrum on how to do church. We are aquaintances, on our way to friendship and in the process are trying out President … Continue reading

Scary Words: I’m from the District and I’m here to help

I’m stealing this idea from someone else but remember President Reagan’s joke about the nine most terrifying words in the English language: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ Well, word has exploded over the internet today about … Continue reading

Reading through the Book of Concord, week of Dec 22nd

For those of you who have said that you want to start the Online Reading Group when we start at the beginning of the Book of Concord — make note that it’s coming up soon! Be sure to start reading … Continue reading

Reading through the Book of Concord, week of Dec 15th

For those of you who have said that you want to start the Online Reading Group when we start at the beginning of the Book of Concord — make note that it’s coming up soon! Be sure to start reading … Continue reading

Notes on the Liturgy #12 – The Sermon

This entry is part 12 of 22 in the series Notes on the Liturgy

(One of the goals of Brothers of John the Steadfast is to train the Brothers in good practice and theology. This article is one in a series that teaches about the liturgy. … Continue reading

BJS National Conference: If They Can Make it from Florida and Washington, then so Can You

Registrations for the Brothers of John the Steadfast National Conference are already coming in. We have people registered from as close as Naperville and central Illinois, and as far away as Florida and the state of Washington. If they can … Continue reading