It’s Nice to be Loved by a Poor Miserable Sinner, by Pr. Rossow

Over on Norm’s Good Stuff Found post on the cable television Bible series there is a nice comment left by “Poor Miserable Sinner” in which he/she thanks BJS and Issues, Etc. for excellent catechesis. It’s good to be loved by … Continue reading

BJS Contributor Rev. Joshua Gale Featured in Fort Wayne Sem Publication, by Pr. Rossow

BJS contributing author Joshua Gale is featured in the most recent edition of For the Life of the World, (March, 2013, pp. 8-9) published by Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In this short piece Gale offers profound thoughts … Continue reading

Interesting Interview of Pastor Morris in the Newtown Bee, by Pr. Rossow

The meaning of Pastor Morris’ apology on the synod’s WMLT blog is hard to decipher. His recent interview in the Newtown Bee sheds some light on it. Even though President Harrison calls his participation in the Vigil Service unionism and … Continue reading

There is Nothing Like Two Little Boys Waxing Theologically to Make This World Seem a Tiny Bit Better, by Pr. Rossow

The other day Norm posted a “Good Stuff Found” video of two little boys in Nebraska talking about baptism. It is so good it moved commenter Cynthia to sob and to post a moving quote. The video is so good … Continue reading

A Tighter Review of Comments, by Pr. Rossow & Pr. Scheer

We are proud of our liberal comments policy here at BJS. We like to say “It’s the only liberal thing about us.” We do not censor people who disagree with our editorial views or even those who post foolish comments. … Continue reading

“Confessional” is not the Antonym of “Progressive” or “Visionary,” by Pr. Rossow

Church Growthers often give the impression that Confessionals are somehow unprogressive and non-visionary. This is just not the case if you consider the courage and gumption of several confessional parishes that I know of that are starting building programs even … Continue reading

President Harrison at His Best – A Lenten Video, by Pr. Rossow

The LCMS is blessed with a president who is greatly gifted by God. He is one of our leading theologians, a translating machine, an author, and he knows how to get things done. I have no hesitation in saying that in my 50 years or … Continue reading

I did Not Intend to Hurt Anyone, by Pr. Rossow

I did not intend to hurt people with my words to Pastor Morris in the BJS post the night of the Newtown Vigil. My intention was to speak God’s word to the situation. Shortly after the post was put up, … Continue reading

Like the blog? Check out the conference! Register by Monday night for the 2013 BJS Conference

Among the flood of stories going on right now at BJS I wanted to remind all of our readers (and many of the new ones) that if you want to have some great times among Lutherans come to the National … Continue reading

The Two Kinds of People Who Cannot See the Error of Unionism and Syncretism, by Pr. Rossow

There are two kinds of people who cannot see the error of unionism and syncretism. The first are those who allow what we call today “Contemporary Worship” (CoWo). The second are those who are theological liberals. If you look at … Continue reading

Pastor who Participated in Unionistic and Syncretistic Service at Newtown, Connecticut Apologizes, by Pr. Rossow

President Harrison has just posted on the Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog  (WMLT) the great news that Pastor Rob Morris, from the local LCMS parish in Newtown, Connecticut, has apologized for his participation in the unionistic and syncretistic prayer vigil in the … Continue reading

What’s A District to Do? A Review of 11 District Initiatives from Minnesota South, by Pr. Rossow

The Districts of the LCMS are for the most part bloated, ideaologically misguided, and inefficient. In partial proof of that thesis let’s look at a set of district initiatives from the Minnesota South District (MNS). Over on the post about the … Continue reading

They are Coming from the Four Corners of the Country to the BJS Conference, by Pr. Rossow

As usual, we have people from far and wide coming to the BJS conference. Registrants currently touch all four borders of the country, north, south east and west. we’ve got people coming from the state of Washington, Connecticut, Texas and … Continue reading

BJS Conference “No Pietists” Parties Set: Scotch Tasting, Beer Tasting, Cigars and an Irish Pub, by Pr. Rossow

The “No Pietists Allowed Parties” are now set for the 2013 Annual BJS Conference. They feature scotch, beer, cigars and an Irish pub. Scotch Tasting – The Gavin family has once again graciously opened their home for a wonderful party. Come … Continue reading

Satirical and Direct Preaching at the BJS Conference: Fiene and Sikora, by Pr. Rossow

When we plan a BJS conference we not only focus on the speakers but also try to recruit preachers who will fill your ears with Christ and his doctrine. This year is no different. We are happy that Revs. Hans … Continue reading

I Just got Out of the BJS Conference Planning Meeting and Heard the Phrase “Maid-Rite Sliders” Not to Mention “Manly Man’s Breakfast,” by Pr. Rossow

The food at the annual BJS Conference is always great and this year it will be no different. For lunch on Saturday we are serving two varieties of sliders – pulled pork and maid-rite/sloppy joe. The meal will be rounded … Continue reading

Iowa East may be the New Wyoming Based on their Latest Mission Plant, by Pr. Rossow

The Iowa East District has got a great new mission plant going just outside of Iowa City. Iowa District East has become one of the most solid and confessional districts in the LCMS and so we are not surprised by this … Continue reading

When is the Last Time you Heard a Lutheran Comedian? The BJS Conference is Your Chance, by Pr. Rossow

Of course there are much better reasons to attend the BJS conference, like great Bible teaching, time-tested worship, comraderie with fellow copnfessional Lutherans, great food and great parties. This year howver, we are pleased to debut the comedic stylings of Pastor … Continue reading

The Email was Titled “Meeting to Talk about (the Pope as) Antichrist,” by Pr. Rossow

This email that I got the other day from a member illustrates a lot of things. It illustrates life in a confessional parish, the challenge to called workers of the LCMS to subscribe to the Lutheran Confessions and in light … Continue reading

Per DP’s Advice LCMS Pastor Cancels Participation in Joint Service but Still Supports Unionism, by Pr. Rossow

Pastor Mark Louderback (Christ Lutheran Church, LCMS, Arlington, Tennesee), confessed yesterday on the Steadfast site that he believes the LCMS position on unionism is wrong. He believes that Scripture teaches that holding rites and services with the heterodox is defensible … Continue reading

Thanks to Our Associate Editor and Our Newest Authors BJS Approached Two Million Page Loads in A. D. 2012, by Pr. Rossow

Thank you all of our readers, those who agree with our editorial approach and those who don’t, for the continued success of the BJS Blog.  Thanks to you we had 1,751,718 page loads in the year of our Lord 2012. Since our … Continue reading

Give the Koinonia Project Some More Time, by Pr. Rossow

Like most of the other conservatives, I am frustrated with the lack of progress of the Koinonia project but on the eve of a new calendar year, upon further reflection, I think it deserves some more time. There is more going … Continue reading

We Need Manly Men as Pastors, Not Sissies – Two Quotes from J. A. O. Preus, by Pr. Rossow

Over on the post about licensed deacons an anonymous commenter with the moniker “LCMS Quotes” has dropped a few more pertinent quotes from past synod president J. A. O. Preus asbout the need to screen applicants to the seminary. Let … Continue reading

“Good Morning Church Member!” A Few Thoughts on the Catechumenate, by Pr. Rossow

She turned to her husband as they still lay in bed and said “Good morning church member!” This was the first morning they woke up together as church members. They had been to churches off and on but had never … Continue reading

“Like a General that Forgets about Defense, the LCMS is in Trouble of Being Routed,” Rev. Loren Zell, by Pr. Rossow

Often we get comments on posts that are succinct and poignant and sometimes we have time and energy to make them posts in and of themselves. I thought the following comment on the “Where there is no Love…” post was … Continue reading