Steadfast Guest — After Three Years, Freedom by Pr. Timothy Winterstein

“So have no fear of them, for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.  What I tell you in the dark, say in the light, and what you hear whispered, proclaim on … Continue reading

Biased, Bad, or Breakthrough: Minority Reports in Science

Evolution, akin to religion, involves making certain a priori or metaphysical assumptions, which at some level cannot be proven empirically… I think the best way to deal with creationism, but the way to deal with evolution also, is not to deny … Continue reading

Why We Must be Steadfast In Science, Too

Lutherans have always been great about arguing the fine points of theological minutiae.  This is important, as painful as it may sometimes sound.  The gift that God has given us in His revelation of Himself in Christ is the most … Continue reading

God and “The God Particle”

Humans have always loved to simplify complex theories and ideas with nicknames.  Physicist Fred Boyle referred to the theory that the universe expanded from a singularity with the derogatory phrase “the Big Bang.”  Einstein referred colloquially to the phenomenon of … Continue reading

Steadfast Guest — ULC: Looking Back and Looking Forward though the Eyes of a Layperson

by Douglas Denzler One month ago I watched my place of worship, University Lutheran Chapel; hold is final service and close its doors forever.   The congregation was forced to leave by an eviction order by the Minnesota South District of … Continue reading

Planning an Overture to the Next Synodical Convention?

DON’T LET IT GET THROWN OUT ON A TECHNICALITY. by Pastor Roger Gallup Are you planning to ask your congregation, circuit forum, or church worker conference to submit an overture to the next synodical convention that would make a change … Continue reading

Steadfast Guest — Homeschooling by Holly Scheer

This article comes from Holly Scheer, the wife of Pastor Scheer, who has the task of teaching their children at home. It’s hard to completely pin down the numbers because some states don’t track homeschoolers at all, but estimates are … Continue reading

Lutheran Student Fellowship at Vanderbilt forced into unofficial status by University policies

We at BJS welcome submissions of articles that may be of interest or educational to our readers.   Newsletter for June 2012 As I write this article at the end of the spring semester 2012, Lutheran Student Fellowship at Vanderbilt … Continue reading

Why ULC? Guest article by Noreen Linke.

I had the privilege of worshipping at University Lutheran Chapel in Minneapolis this past Sunday. ULC is near and dear to my heart, as it is for many of you. As eviction day draws near (April 30) I wanted to … Continue reading

Is Your Treasure the Word or the Soundtrack?

This is a guest post by Cheryl Magness. The recent BJS post “Firearms Training” discussed at some length the recorded hymn accompaniment tracks that were in frequent use at the LCMS national synodical convention in Houston last month. While the … Continue reading

Firearms Training, by Phillip Magness

(Editor’s Note: Cantor Phillip Magness writes the column “Not your Grandfather’s Church” for BJS. This edition is not about a local parish but about the church more broadly speaking as it met for its convention in Houston a few weeks … Continue reading