Women preachers/deacons in the LCMS

[Note: Cross-posted from Gottesdienst Online.] [UPDATE: See my comment #19] In a way, my heart is strangely warmed by the fact that the Atlantic District now officially has women preachers (deacons). For a long time those of us who have … Continue reading

THE Issue: AC XIV and Lay Ministry

Also found on facebook:   Ecclesia semper reformanda est – I don’t know who coined that phrase, but it’s ever so true. And always has been – see Galatians. In this sense, there has never been a golden age and … Continue reading

Wittenberg Academy: Elementary Latin now offered

Wittenberg Academy, the world’s first online, classical Lutheran high school, has had a great response from our interview on Issues, Etc. One thing that came across loud and clear was that there are a great many families who are homeschooling … Continue reading

Wittenberg Academy: Classical Lutheran High School for the World

Introducing Wittenberg Academy – the world’s first online, Lutheran High School in the classical tradition: www.wittenbergacademy.org. Listen to an interview with Head Teacher Mrs. Jocelyn Benson and Latin and Greek teacher Rev. H. R. Curtis on Issues, Etc., Monday, May … Continue reading

Of Presidents, Bishops, and Birth Control

President Harrison has issued an update in the current controversy over the Federal Government’s mandate of free birth control for all, world without end. The only thing missing from Pres. Harrison’s letter is the frank admission that all hormonal contraceptives … Continue reading


A unanimous US Supreme Court has dismissed the employment discrimination case against Hosanna-Tabor Lutheran Church. This is the best decision for the religious life of the nation – though I remain immensely uncomfortable with the MO Synod’s language about “ministers.” … Continue reading

Breyer nails the Missouri Synod position on the ministry: She’s sort of like a minister

Over at Gottesdienst we are on the cutting edge of sitting around on Wednesday afternoons while our wives are at Parents’ Day waiting for SCOTUS transcripts to come out. First link has a few important quotations that I pulled out … Continue reading

Introducing The Gottesdienst Library

Over at Gottesdienst Online, where I’m privileged to serve as an editor, we strive to provide resources, commentary, and counsel for Lutherans seeking to recover and strengthen their Lutheran heritage. For years our Editor-in-Chief, Rev. Dr. Burnell F. Eckardt, has … Continue reading

Challenging Article on Seminary Enrollment by Rev. Heath Curtis

Are there too many pastors? Should a seminary student have a back up plan for employment when he registers his enrollment? Is the practice of “lay ministry” bringing harm to the office of the ministry. These and other questions are … Continue reading

Daily Divine Service Book: A Lutheran Daily Missal, by Pr. H. R. Curtis

For the first time in English, a complete Lutheran daily missal is available for purchase. Edited by Rev. H. R. Curtis, the 728 page volume contains the ordinary of the Common Service, extensive rubrics for a reverent celebration, and full … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Gottesdienstonline on “What Harrison Can Do”

A loyal SteadfastLutherans reader pointed me to this article on Evangelism Myth #7: By Grace Alone, not “By Grace, alone through you” posted by the Rev. Eric Brown. While this one is good, a click through to CyberStones (from which … Continue reading