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About Pastor Mark Preus

Mark Preus is pastor of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church and Campus Center in Laramie, WY. He graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne with an M.Div. in 2008 and then obtained an M.A. in Classics at the University of KS in 2010. He was ordained at Faith Lutheran Church, Wylie, TX in August of 2010. He has been married to Becky since 2005. God has graciously given them two daughters and five sons. Pr. Preus loves to read and write poetry, especially Lutheran hymns, and talk theology with anybody who has an ear to listen. He also likes coffee too much and tobacco too much, as well as microbrew beer. He can also prove with reasonable certainty that Paul Gerhardt wrote most of his hymns while smoking and drinking beer.

You can find more of Pr. Preus's writings at his blog.

Kim in the Christians’ Den

(download a PDF of this article) Let’s just set aside whether, according to the Constitution, Kim Davis may ignore the Supreme Court’s legislation from the bench concerning gay “marriage.”  If you’d like to explore that, I suggest this article, which … Continue reading

Using Freedom to Steal Freedom: Mob Beauty

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” (Galatians 5:1 NKJV) These are wonderful words! Don’t let anyone steal away your freedom in the … Continue reading

It is Finished: A Lenten Poem

For C.L. Come and view the Word made flesh On whom all our sin was laid; He has words that will refresh Every sinner who has strayed: “It is finished!” Christ decreed, Giving everything you need. All the Scriptures are … Continue reading

A Hymn on the Transfiguration of our Lord

This hymn is dedicated to the saints of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Laramie, WY Recommended tune: Jesu, Meines Lebens Lebens. Christ the Life of all the Living On the mountain shone His glory, Face as bright as is the … Continue reading

A Communion Hymn

Before Your altar, Lord, I bow To taste Your pledge of grace; As angels join my worship now, I see by faith Your face. The image of the eternal Lord Is hidden here in food; Here is bestowed by Jesus’ … Continue reading

A Hymn on the Incarnation

1 Let praise spring from our hearts today! Our God has put His wrath away – The fullness of the deity Now dwells in Jesus bodily. 2 If God had hatred in His heart, Why would He then Himself impart? … Continue reading

A Christmas Meditation on Micah 5

1 The earth is locked in darkness, Men turn to their own way, And in their futile thinking, Like sheep they go astray. But in a shepherd’s city, Is born a Shepherd boy His way from everlasting, His purpose peace … Continue reading

Church Art Glorifies God and Serves Christians

Faith Lutheran Church in Wylie recently commissioned the artist Ken Spirduso to paint an altar painting for our congregation. We decided on a painting of Jesus pulling Peter out of the water, from Matthew 14:22-33. Jesus pulling Peter out of … Continue reading

A Christmas Hymn

The tune is “Der Tag, der Ist So Freudenreich” (see below) This is a day of joy for me, The day of God’s appearing, And all the guilt I see in me Is quickly disappearing, For here in perfect flesh … Continue reading

A Hymn on Baptism

For K.H. I come, O God, back to this bath, With sorrow for my many sins, To claim the death that stilled Your wrath, And take the life Your word begins. I come, O Jesus, to this stream Which flowed … Continue reading

A Hymn on the Scriptures

A Hymn on the Scriptures by Rev. Mark Preus Come, Jesus Christ, our precious Lord, And give Your holy Spirit, Who comforts sinners with Your Word To clothe them with Your merit; For this the Scriptures were inspired, That we … Continue reading

Sermon on Matthew 18:1-11, Michaelmas

Michaelmas, Matthew 18:1-11 Faith Lutheran Church, Wylie, TX 28 September 2013, Pr. Mark Preus If your hand or foot or eyes causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter into life maimed or crippled … Continue reading

A Hymn on Holiness

For Cody Norton Tune: Let us ever walk with Jesus Sanctify us, holy Father In the truth – Your Word is truth; Holiness is in no other, It must come from Your own mouth. Only Christ, your Word from heaven … Continue reading

Steadfast in Song: An Easter / Quasimodogeniti Hymn

Tune: FAR, VERDEN, FAR VEL (The Sun Has Gone Down, Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary 574) My Savior still lives, And I too will live in the peace that He gives; Within me no sin has the strength to remove The truth … Continue reading

Simon Peter Syndrome: A Maundy Thursday Sermon

Maundy Thursday; John 13:1—11 Faith Lutheran Church – Wylie, TX 28 March 2013 – Pr. Mark Preus Today we celebrate the night our Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed into the hands of sinful men, the night He instituted the sacrament … Continue reading

Be Fruitful and Multiply: Second Thoughts on Birth Control

In writing something about birth control, I enter into a battlefield in disarray. There are personal issues hidden beneath many’s opinions on the matter, and there is often guilt, real or imagined, in the consciences of many Christians as they … Continue reading

In death and love: a poem on baptism

In death and love I caught her, when her life was held by her hate; I found her in the water, and I drowned beneath her weight.     The guilt that she had was heavy –     was enough to flood all … Continue reading

Sacramental Worship: Learning from the Wise Men

The Epiphany of our Lord – Matthew 2:1-12 Faith Lutheran Church – Wylie, TX 6 January 2013 – Pr. Mark Preus When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy. And when they had come into the house, … Continue reading

A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet… Circumcision, Jesus, Joshua, and Baptism

And at the end of eight days, when he was circumcised, he was called Jesus, the name given by the angel before he was conceived in the womb. In Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Romeo and Juliet, Juliet laments the fact that … Continue reading

A Hymn on Holy Absolution

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I wrote this hymn with two men in mind. First, my father, Pr. Rolf Preus, who was my pastor who absolved me in the divine service throughout my youth and taught me what the absolution is; … Continue reading

A Hymn on the Sacrament of the Altar

Here is a hymn I wrote for my congregation.   A Hymn on the Sacrament of the Altar composed for Faith Lutheran Church, Plano/Wylie, TX Tune: LSB 513 or TLH 605 The Word of Christ is spoken, And angels bend … Continue reading

“A Letter to Advocates of Sodomy”

Dear fellow citizen who promotes same-sex marriage, I don’t expect to convince you of anything, since you do not see purpose or order in nature, and whenever it will be pointed out to you, you will deny this order because … Continue reading

Trinity 19 (Matthew 9:1-8): We Need to Hear the Forgiveness of Sins

The Healing of the Paralytic Trinity 19 – Matthew 9:1-8 Faith Lutheran Church – Wylie, TX 14 October 2012 – Pr. Mark Preus We need to hear the forgiveness of sins. We can’t get it on our own. It’s not … Continue reading

Death, and a Hymn

We live in a culture of death. Everybody hides it. They hide their destruction of life beneath the pleasures of sex. They hide the murder of their loved ones beneath the supposed mercy of ending pain. They hide the murder … Continue reading

Q and A on infant baptism

Another question came in using our “Ask a Pastor” button on the top of the sidebar. We are getting several questions coming in using that method, and we hope it helps other readers who may have similar questions. It’s also … Continue reading