Pastor Karl Weber

About Pastor Karl Weber

Karl has been serving St. Paul’s Richville LC and St. John’s, Ottertail, MN since Labor Day, 2004. He was raised in the Roman Church receiving his BA from Fordham University. Before going to seminary he was a computer programmer in Minneapolis. He served as a short term missionary in Guatemala and Kenya, East Africa. He spent time as a member of the ELCA and studied two years at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN pursing his M. Div. before transferring to the LCMS for theological reasons and continuing his studies at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. He was ordained in 1991 and earned his D. Min. in May 2002 from the same institution. He has contributed study notes to The Lutheran Study Bible. He enjoys deer hunting, going to the gym, swimming, and reading. He is married to Mary and has five wonderful children.

Liturgical Freedom — To What End?

The rallying cry of the Enlightenment is one of personal autonomy; freedom. In the air we breathe, the template of freedom is the operating system directing our endeavors. In the Church, too, there is freedom. The question is, to what … Continue reading

Indiana and RFRA

            Indiana is ground zero in our nation as people struggle to live under law protecting the rights of all. The legislature of Indiana has modeled the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” or RFRA (pronounced “riff-ra”), … Continue reading

Sermon on the Agnus Dei

Title: Preaching the Ordinaries – The Agnus Dei Text: John 1:29-37 Fourth Mid-Week Lenten Service, Wednesday, March 18, 2015 This evening we come to our fourth “Ordinary”—of those five pieces ordinarily sung in the Sunday Morning Divine Service. The fourth … Continue reading

Does Your Pastor Dress as a Shepherd or a Sheep?

Work clothes and uniforms are signs or markers which speak of the vocation wherein we serve our neighbor. In a most delightful way the work clothes of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts bring a smile along with understanding. Seeing … Continue reading

The Goal of Judging is the Joy of Repentance

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you” (Mt 7:1-2). Here are found those all-encompassing words from Jesus, “don’t … Continue reading

True Love is Built on Doctrine!

Here is another re-post .. this one from October, 2014:   “We have a relationship with Jesus. We are not interested in doctrine.” This talk is heard so frequently it has taken on an air of truth. But are such … Continue reading

Contending for Creches and Crucifixes

            Nativity crèches (mangers) are popular and acceptable at Christmas time among Christians yet resistance or misunderstanding accompanies the use of crucifixes. Both are graven images and yet we find the graven image of Jesus … Continue reading

Did Jesus Claim to be God?

Soon we will be celebrating the season of Christmas where the Second Person of the Trinity by the working of the Holy Spirit took up residence in Mary’s womb to be our Savior. This miracle is called the “incarnation”. Sometimes … Continue reading

Open Communion and Same-Sex Union Advocates United in Faulty Understanding of “Love”

“Pastor, my friends are visiting over the weekend. May they take Communion?” Implicit in the request is the assumption that love does not withhold Communion from guests. This is what many faithful pastors have been told by advocates of hospitality. … Continue reading

Your Testimonies before Kings — Reformation Day sermon

Title: Your Testimonies Before Kings Text: Ps 119:46 Reformation Day (Observed), October 26, 2014 Prior to the Lutheran Church there was no denominational church in western Christendom. There was simply the Medieval Church, sometimes called the Church Catholic. You were … Continue reading

True Love is Built on Doctrine!

“We have a relationship with Jesus. We are not interested in doctrine.” This talk is heard so frequently it has taken on an air of truth. But are such words true? Can we have a relationship with Jesus or with … Continue reading

By Whose Authority? A Sermon on Matthew 21:23-27

Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost, September 28, 2014 Some people ask questions because they do not want to learn. Let me repeat that: Some ask questions because they do not want to learn and this is what we see in our … Continue reading


            Perhaps you have heard the latest from Religious News Services reporting the recent decision of the Anglican Church of England which in the United States is called the Episcopal Church, USA. The Church of … Continue reading

Our Vocation is Stewardship

  As a parish pastor these last twenty-three years I have neglected preaching on stewardship. Don’t let this surprise you for the more my parishioners know me the more they see how I lack and need to be filled-up in … Continue reading

E-Harmony, Virtual Learning and SMP Pastoral Formation

        On-line dating sites are proliferating. And, to head this one off at the pass, I am not employing their services! Many options including “Christian Mingle,” and “E-harmony,” provide services to singles in society. Data and facts … Continue reading

About Our Lord’s Work — Sermon for Confirmation Sunday on Lk 24:13-35

Title: About Our Lord’s Work Text: Lk 24:13-35 Third Sunday of Easter, Confirmation Sunday, May 4,  2014 It is on the Emmaus Road when Jesus meets two men who are dejected. They knew Jesus had been crucified. In their world … Continue reading

Reaffirming the Resurrection

             Easter is when Christians rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus. In addition to Scripture additional circumstantial evidence can be used to affirm the empty grave. First, not even Jesus’ staunchest enemies were able to … Continue reading

The Energy Drink — Sermon on John 4:5-26

Title: The Energy Drink Text: Jn 4:5-26 Third Sunday in Lent, March 23, 2014   In lake country we are unaware of what many in the world are facing. Additionally, we are close to the Great Lakes which contain 85% … Continue reading

On Making the Sign of the Cross

Through the millennium physical gestures have accompanied those who have prayed to their “higher power”. Such physical gestures whatever they may be are “signifiers” that the individual is speaking to one who is unseen. It is the attitude of the … Continue reading

Neutrality is not Christian, compassion and forgiveness are

Note:  The following was written in reaction to a community event in Perham, MN where abortion was discussed.  The following certainly does not seek to be neutral.             St. Henry’s Catholic Church blessed the Perham, MN community when they hosted … Continue reading

Looking at Giving Records

Recently I came across John Kieschnick’s article found in LCEF encouraging the pastor to familiarize himself with the giving amounts of his parishioners. Since a person’s attendance in the Divine Service and Bible Study is public to all he goes … Continue reading

The Blessings of Every Sunday Communion

By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ both my dual parishes receive the blessed Sacrament every Sunday. This is joy for me as pastor and for parishioner as well. Jesus so loves us he gives his gifts in many … Continue reading

Truth and Repentance – Sermon on Matthew 11:2-15

Title: Truth and Repentance Text: Mt 11:2-15 Third Sunday in Advent, December 15, 2013 Throughout his ministry John was faithful doing what God called him to be about; preaching law so that through its crushing accusation people may flee to … Continue reading

Love Will Judge

Wait … Nooooo! Did I read that correctly? Is the author saying we are to judge and that, even worse, judging is a loving thing? Gasp! Doesn’t the author realize what Jesus said in his Gospel? “Judge not, that you … Continue reading

Silly Songs and the Second Commandment

 There is a fascination among our youth and those who engage in youth ministry to wed meal time prayers—grace—with tunes from society’s pop culture and songs. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard meal prayers … Continue reading