About Pastor Johannes Nieminen

Pastor Johannes (John) Nieminen serves Zion Lutheran Church in Melville and Trinity Lutheran Church in Neudorf, Saskatchewan, Canada. After a decade-long foray in business following his undergraduate degree, he attended Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in St Catharines, Ontario, graduating with a Master of Divinity degree in 2014. He is married to Lydia and they have been blessed with three children: Ethan, Summerlee, and Jacob. His sermons are posted weekly at zionlutheranmelville.com.

Optimism for the Church

The other day, a fellow pastor called me an optimist who believes he can change the world because I was fighting for a situation in a neighboring parish to be handled properly. Those who know me will laugh, as none … Continue reading

Ecclesiastical Supervisors as the Devil’s Accomplices

It is just another normal day as yet another pastor is thrown out by the congregation God has called him to serve. Is he being ousted for Biblical reasons? Is he being thrown out because he is teaching heresy? Is … Continue reading

Democratic Church Discipline?

The Church is not a democracy. The Church has a King, Jesus Christ her head and Lord. In North American Lutheranism, we seem in some ways to be confused about that matter. The problem of the view of the Church … Continue reading

A House Divided

Confessional Lutheran pastors cause strife and conflict everywhere they go. They cause trouble in their parishes by calling sinners to repentance and excluding impenitent sinners from the Lord’s Altar. They cause trouble in their circuits and districts by desiring that … Continue reading

The Life of Christian Holy People

You have perhaps read or heard someone say that the life of a Christian looks exactly the same as the life of an unbeliever. Some even say that the life of pagans is often externally more righteous than that of … Continue reading

Don’t Fret the Numbers

We live in a world obsessed with numbers. We count everything. The year just rolled over from 2016 to 2017, as we count years after the birth of Christ. This New Year, we may decide to sit down and look … Continue reading

Learning from Eli

Eli was derelict in his duties as high priest. He did not keep his sons in check. Working as priests under Eli’s supervision, his sons Hophni and Phinehas stole offerings from God, threatened worshippers with violence, and fornicated with women … Continue reading

Praying Intentionally

We have both the command from God to pray, and the promise that He will hear us. Sometimes it is easy to pray. Words come easily and we know what to say. Sometimes, prayer is more difficult. We struggle with … Continue reading

God’s Forgetful Forgiveness

3Sometimes we struggle to forgive. When someone sins against us, we can have trouble forgiving. Especially when we have been really badly hurt, we feel that the offending party doesn’t deserve forgiveness from us. Even when we try to forgive, … Continue reading

The Lutheran Confessions – Why Do We Still Bother?

We have Moses and the Prophets, isn’t that enough? If Holy Scripture is God’s infallible Word and the only source and norm of Christian doctrine, what need do we have for the Lutheran Confessions? If Scripture is the ultimate authority, … Continue reading

The Comfort of Election for the Mission of the Church

The doctrine of election or predestination is of great comfort to Christians. This doctrine tells us that our salvation is in God’s hands. If salvation was in our hands, we would never be saved. Thus, we are comforted that it … Continue reading

The Hill on Which to Die

Are you willing to die on that hill? This is a question that often gets asked when pastors face bad doctrine and practice in the congregations they serve, especially when they first arrive. This question is well-intentioned. It normally indicates … Continue reading

Sermon – Father, Forgive Them

Sermon for Palm Sunday/Sunday of the Passion based on Luke 23:1-56 Dear sinners for whom Jesus died: Grace, mercy, and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. “Father, forgive them, for they … Continue reading

Preparing Rudderless Ships

The Apostle Paul instructs the young pastor Timothy to “wage the good warfare, holding faith and a good conscience” (I Tim. 1:18-19) and to “continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed” (II Tim. 3:14) while enduring suffering … Continue reading

Bad Accountants

William’s accountant retired, so he met with the new accountant who would be his replacement. When William met with the new accountant, he brought his accounts. “So here are my receipts, and here are the new memberships in my organization … Continue reading

Shock Jock Junkies

Shock Jock radio hosts have come and gone over the years. Their whole shtick is to be offensive and provocative in their discussions. The goal is to be shocking and outrageous to improve ratings by breaking taboos and focusing on … Continue reading

Should Lutheran Preaching Condemn False Teachers? — Guest post by Pr. Johannes Nieminen

  A spirit of universalism and toleration which is indifferent to doctrine suggests that the Lutheran church, while confessing the truth, need not condemn other church bodies or their various errant teachings. Such condemnations are deemed to be insensitive and … Continue reading