About Pastor David Jay Webber

David Jay Webber is pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Scottsdale, AZ.

Epiphany: The Christmas of the Gentiles — Pr David Jay Webber

Editorial Note: Recently BJS has published some pastoral letters to congregations from their congregational newsletters. It is great to see the solid and assuring words that pastors are putting in our mail boxes. Here is another fine pastoral letter from … Continue reading

A Statement on Justification from the ACLC

A while back, the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America adopted a statement on the doctrine of justification that decisively rejected the teaching of objective/subjective justification – which had been an earmark of the “Synodical Conference” tradition of Lutheranism. The … Continue reading

A “Restoration” of the Church and of the Gospel?

With my son’s recent call to serve as a pastor in the Salt Lake City area (at Hope Lutheran Church in West Jordan, Utah), I have been prompted to do some reading once again in the history and teachings of … Continue reading

Walther’s teaching on objective/subjective justification

It has been suggested out in the blogosphere that my way of explaining objective justification – as set forth recently on this blog – is a misrepresentation of the real theological issue at hand within the synods of the Synodical … Continue reading

What is the objective/subjective justification controversy all about?

The intended points of a properly-explained objective/subjective justification teaching have always been a part of Lutheran doctrine. But these points were brought out with greater clarity and emphasis, and with the use of some new terminology, at the time of … Continue reading

Infant Communion in the Lutheran Church?

The Lutheran Reformers knew that many otherwise emulatable figures in church history (beginning with St. Cyprian of Carthage) had practiced infant communion. And they knew that the Eastern Church and probably also some of the Czech Hussites were practicing it … Continue reading