An Updated, Revised, and Free to Download E-reader of Wilhelm Loehe’s, Questions and Answers to the Six Parts of the Small Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther

“The Catechism should become engraved in the memory of the child for its entire life”- Wilhelm Löhe As Rev. Dr. John Pless writes, “The great twentieth century scholar of Luther’s Catechisms, Albrecht Peters notes that the Luther’s Small Catechism is … Continue reading

A Summary of the Doctrinal Differences Between the Lutheran and Reformed Church Regarding Faith, from “Here We Stand,” by Hermann Sasse

When the Gospel is not understood as the gracious promise of God alone, the forgiveness of sins for Christ’s sake, not only is the Gospel lost, but faith is recast into something other. When the common, basic understanding of the … Continue reading

He Who Would Help Himself With His Own Works… – Hans Iwand’s Use of Luther’s Romans Lectures as a Critique of Karl Barth and Nineteenth Century Liberal Protestant Theology

When Hans Joachim Iwand took the podium during his 1941 lectures the dust had yet to settle from Barth’s explosive critique of nineteenth century liberal theology. Friedrich Schleiermacher’s theology in particular. Iwand’s colleagues requested that he address the question Barth … Continue reading