I Know My Faith is Founded

I know my faith is founded On Jesus Christ, my God and Lord; And this my faith confessing,  Unmoved I stand on His sure Word. Our reason cannot fathom The truth of God profound; Who trusts in human wisdom  Relies … Continue reading

Personal Devotions during the busy-ness of family life

Jesus loves me!  This I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong;  They are weak, but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me!  Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me … Continue reading

Teaching the Children Bible Stories From the Liturgy

Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho-ly Lord God of Sab-a-oth; heav’n and earth are full of Thy glo-ry. Ho-san-na, ho-san-na, ho-san-na in the high-est. Bless-ed is He, bless-ed is He, bless-ed is He that com-eth in the name of the Lord. Ho-san-na, ho-san-na, … Continue reading

Steadfast Moms

Lord, keep us steadfast in Thy Word; Curb those who fain by craft and sword Would wrest the Kingdom from Thy Son And set at naught all He hath done. Rolf and I are honored to have 2 of our … Continue reading

God loved the world so that He gave.

God loved the World So that He Gave His only Son the lost to save That all who would in Him believe Should everlasting life receive. God is all about life.  God did not create life for death.  Death is … Continue reading

In Jesus I Find Rest and Peace

In Jesus I find rest and peace- The world is full of sorrow; His wounds are my abiding-place; Let the unknown tomorrow Bring what it may, There I can stay, My faith finds all I need today, I will not … Continue reading

Steadfast Moms — Talking About Jesus

On my heart imprint Thine image, Blessed Jesus, King of grace, That life’s riches,cares and pleasures, Have no pow’r Thee to efface. This the superscription be:  Jesus, crucified for me, Is my life, my hope’s foundation, And my glory and … Continue reading

Steadfast Moms — God’s Word among the tasks of the household.

God’s Word is our great heritage, And shall be ours forever; To spread its light from age to age Shall be our chief endeavor. Through life it guides our way; In death it is our stay. Lord, grant, while worlds … Continue reading