About Chet Gunderson

Chet is an adult convert to Lutheranism from Baptist Fundamentalism. He worships with his family at a LCMS congregation that is unapologetically Confessional.

Paper or Plastic with Your Fair Trade Baby?

The flagship newspaper of Utilitarianism never disappoints. In its latest edition, The Economist makes the case for fair trade human reproduction. It argues that it is time for a system that allows the “commissioning parents” of a surrogate child to … Continue reading

LCMS Roped Into Deportation Evasion Scheme

There would be Twitter-worthy convulsions if a Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) affiliated agency was giving aid and comfort to Planned Parenthood. By contrast, there is almost total indifference to a Synod partner helping illegal aliens to evade deportation. … Continue reading

Official Transcript: Kloha-Montgomery Debate on the Philosophies of Biblical Textual Criticism

Brothers of John the Steadfast is pleased to make available the full transcript of the recent debate between Dr. James Warwick Montgomery and Dr. Jeffrey J. Kloha. The debate took place on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at the Chapel of Our Lord Concordia … Continue reading

Law & Gospel Does Not Make Reformed & Evangelical Churches Orthodox

Confessional Lutherans were tantalized by the idea of other denominations adopting Law/Gospel language in the expectation that it might lay a bridge across the Missouri. There were high hopes for former Presbyterian pastor Tullian Tchividjian to be the celebrity convert whose high … Continue reading

A Small Window to Save the Concordias and LCMS Seminaries

The defeat of Hillary Clinton in this year’s Presidential Election temporarily removes the target on the Concordia University System (CUS) and the two Synod seminaries. Whilst we no longer face an emergency from a capricious Title IX assault, the reprieve … Continue reading

Book Review: Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor

TEN WAYS TO KILL A PASTOR By Reverend Christopher I. Thoma 102 pp. Grail Quest Books. Available from AdCrucem.com Rev. Chris Thoma’s book, Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor, contains a series of bleak sketches that chronicle unspeakable cruelty in … Continue reading

FiveTwo Gains LCMS Support Whilst Scrubbing Lutheran Distinctives

Business Consultancy FiveTwo has upgraded its WikiConference to a ‘National Conference’ that convenes in Austin, Texas next month. The rebooted event is a hybrid TED / Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit clone offering a menu of Christianized pop sociology, corporate vogue, and entrepreneurial motivation. In … Continue reading

Book Review – Gospel DNA: Five Markers of a Flourishing Church

GOSPEL DNA: FIVE MARKERS OF A FLOURISHING CHURCH By Michael W. Newman232 pp. Ursa Publishing. $8.99 Kindle / $12.99 Paperback Summary Gospel DNA is the latest book from Michael Newman, a full-time missiologist with the Texas District of the Lutheran Church … Continue reading

LCMS Trained Pentecostal Pastor Exits Synod With His Congregation

West Baltimore’s Bethany Lutheran Church and its pastor, Rev. Elias Abite Kao, have taken their leave of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS). Bethany plans to reconstitute as an independent non-denominational church following a direct revelation from God to … Continue reading

The Historical Context for Lutheran Training and Formation of Pastors

With attention focused on the propriety of Licensed Lay Deacons conducting Word & Sacrament Ministry, some historical context is necessary to know why the LCMS trains and sends pastors the way it does. Presented below is an outline of an … Continue reading

Short-Term Trends in the Concordia University System

I recently received extensive data on the Concordia University System (CUS), which supplements a previous report that relied on publicly available information. The new data provides a great deal of insight on the CUS, and suggests where the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod … Continue reading

Please May We Have More Dispute, More Resolution, and Less Reconciliation in the LCMS

Disputation is indivisible from Confessional Lutheranism. Lutherans fray their orthodoxy when they do not engage in frequent disputation with all who dare to tamper with or reject the formal and material principles of Scripture alone and grace alone, respectively. By … Continue reading

Ranking & Measuring the LCMS Concordias

Update – please see ‘Short-Term Trends in the Concordia University System‘. We have entered the college shopping phase for our oldest daughter, and have run the rule on several dozen options to find the best fit for her and us. … Continue reading

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi — The Data Speaks For & To the LCMS

The phrase lex orandi, lex credendi is a compact way of saying that what you practice becomes what you teach. “Orthodoxy is… the right doctrine and the right praise of God (1)”. Or, in the words of the sainted Klemet … Continue reading

The Pitfalls of the Pew Religious Landscape Study Results for the LCMS

The Pew Research Center for Religion and Public Life recently released its Religious Landscape Study. It is a formidable project that attempts to provide a high level snapshot of America’s religious status, and to record changes over time. The survey … Continue reading

One Hundred Years of Turpitude

As the quincentennial of Martin Luther’s Reformation draws closer, opponents are also preparing to defame the man, the denominations that carry his name, and Christianity in general. Expect a lazy media narrative that makes Martin Luther responsible for single-handedly destroying … Continue reading

Compassion Shaming and Refugee Proof-Texting

We are witnessing a metastasizing global migrant and refugee crisis. It is  unprecedented in its volume, the distances involved, the risks undertaken, the direction of movement, the porousness of the borders, and the degree of moral confusion about how to … Continue reading

FiveTwo’s Wiki Christianity is Foolish and Dangerous

Every September the shadow synod within the LCMS, FiveTwo, hosts a gathering in Katy, TX. The organization’s WikiConference recently concluded and, once again, rang every alarm bell and raised every red flag imaginable for Confessional Lutherans as well as LCMS office … Continue reading

A Social Justice Warrior Litany for a Unionistic Endeavor

The Southeastern District (SED) of the LCMS has a reputation for Liberalism. As if to underscore the deservedness of that reputation, the SED has published an oddball litany for 9 August 2015 in support of its “Sunday for City” event … Continue reading

Keep the Lutheran Church Catholic

My family has had the opportunity to attend Lutheran churches in Denver, St. Louis, Johannesburg, London, Las Vegas, and Capistrano Beach, California. In our prior Fundagelical existence we attended many more churches in many more places. The contrast between the … Continue reading

Rocky Mountain District in Convention 2015 – Recommendations on the Overtures

The Rocky Mountain District LC-MS will meet in Convention for the 50th time from 4-6 June 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in the Denver Tech Center. The agenda is surprisingly light with only 14 Overtures to be considered and several … Continue reading

Inviting Tullian Tchividjian Gave the Wrong Impression

In a recent article highlighting examples of how LCMS institutions sow confusion among members, the comments overwhelmingly concerned Tullian Tchividjian’s recent address at Concordia Seminary St. Louis (CSL). The comments were quite balanced in favor of and against Tchividjian’s appearance … Continue reading

What Does the LCMS Reap by Sowing Confusion Among its Members?

Anecdotal evidence indicates that the average LCMS pew-dweller has a superficial grasp of Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions, mixed with a distaste for Synodical machinations. What happens to this half of the Synod membership when they are confused by the … Continue reading

Polysyllabic Words Helped Carry Us to Missouri

We arrived at Confessional Lutheranism much as the Ethiopian Eunuch became a Christian – we needed a properly trained theologian to come alongside us and reveal the Scriptural truth we were blind to. Before describing that process, it’s necessary to … Continue reading

Lutheran, Yet Ashamed of the Gospel?

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) receives substantial support from the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. It is a partnership that needs to be terminated for the sake of the LCMS’s declared mission to “make known the love of Christ”, … Continue reading