Read through the Bible: A Good Time to Start!

December 31st, 2009 Post by

Have you ever read through the Bible? This is a good time to start! Many of us have just finished reading through the Book of Concord. Well, now The Lutheran Study Bible has been published, which has “A Two-Year Reading Plan” (pp. lix-lxiii) in it. And with the start of a new year, this is an opportune time to begin. Having read through the Bible before, and having taught OT and NT survey courses, I can tell you this is a great way to grow in your faith and understanding. And the amount of reading per day and per week is fairly manageable.

At my little church, we had at least a dozen people go through the Book of Concord in 2009. Folks would read the assigned pages, and then we would meet for a weekly class to discuss what we had read. We’re doing a similar format for our “Read through the Bible” class, and we’ll have at least fifteen people for this one. If you’re interested in more on this, go to our church’s website

By the way, gang, I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ve been swamped! But I’m starting to dig my way out of the overload, and I hope to be blogging here more regularly now. Lots to get to! My analysis of the Blue Ribbon proposals. It’s a synodical convention year coming up. And on it goes.

From Norm:

I was developing similar information and rather than generate a second posting, I’m adding information to this post:

In addition to TLSB two-year reading guide listed above, another option using is an email/twitter service that will either email you or send you a tweet each day giving you the current readings. It currently uses a one-year reading plan, so you would read through the bible in one year. You can check your email, click on the link, and read the bible online. You can also have the tweet sent to your phone and read the daily readings directly on your web-enabled phone. To subscribe to either of these go to:

I hope to generate a two-year plan that follows the TLSB guide and will post it here if I can make it available soon.

Also available online is a daily reading of the Book of Concord
available online at

BJS would encourage everyone to take the start of a new year as an opportunity to start regular readings of either the Bible or the Book of Concord.

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    For anyone who reads this by one of the RSS or email feeds (available on the sidebar), you may not notice that I added some text to Pastor Henrickson’s original posting. This comment is to tell you that additional information has been added and you should click through to the BJS website to re-read the original post.


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    BTW, since the TLSB Reading Plan for Week 1 starts on a Monday, we’re starting on January 4. The Reading Plan gives readings for six days a week. You can use Sunday: to rest; to concentrate on what you hear in church that day; to do catch up; or to read the Catechisms, etc.

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