Great Stuff — Thrivent Financial and The Beating Heart of God

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Great article found over on UAClutheran:


thriventfinancialappletonwisconsinsignIn the womb of Mary, Jesus is only days old when the pre-born John the Baptizer announces Jesus as the Lord of the universe by leaping and kicking in the womb of his own mother Elizabeth. (So much for the impossibility of “infant faith”!)

While at Christmas we celebrate the coming forth of our God from the kingly hall of the blessed virgin’s womb, he was no less the savior of the world in-utero than he was extra-utero (Note Zechariah speaks of Christ as he says, “the Lord has visited [passed tense] and redeemed His people” and the angel, speaking to Joseph, does not say, “that which is to be born of her is of the Holy Spirit” but says, “that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit”).

At only four weeks after conception, the heart of Jesus – the heart of our Lord and God – was pumping the blood that would be shed upon the cross to save us from our sins.  Yet through their aptly named ThriventChoice(TM) program, Thrivent Financial, “a faith-based, not-for-profit membership organization” whose members “share a Christian common bond” ( permits money to be funneled to Planned [un]Parenthood, an organization proven to be dedicated to the destruction of human life and the stilling of hearts that pump the blood of God’s redeemed children.

How anyone who calls themselves a Christian, much less an organization that prides itself on being responsible and faith-based protectors of the financial resources of others can allow their organization to be used to funnel money to an organization that systematically and intentionally stills the beating hearts of children for whom our Lord died is beyond contemplation. Then to abrogate the law of God by the traditions, rules, votes, and policies of men marks such an organization as being ruled by a different spirit than the spirit of Christ.

Forget A&E – a pagan organization whose soul has already been sold to the devil and cannot be expected to do anything but suppress the truth of God through their programming and personnel decisions. The Christian community (and especially the Lutheran community) should hold up a mirror before itself and demand integrity within its own ranks.


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