Bjarne Wollen Teigen Reformation Lectures

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How will you be celebrating Reformation this year? Why not come to Minnesota for the Reformation Lectures! Since 1965, Bethany Lutheran College and Seminary in Mankato MN have held Reformation Lectures.  The first presenter was Dr. Hermann Sasse, and other past notable Lutheran theologians and historians who have presented include Kurt Marquart, Robert Preus, James Kittelson,  and Heiko Obermann. These lectures delve into our Reformation heritage with presentations on the history and theology of the Lutheran Reformation with application to the teaching and practice in the Lutheran church today.  The lectures are presented in free conference format, outside the bounds of fellowship.  There is no joint prayer or worship as part of the lectures.

Since 2012, the lectures have taken on the name “Bjarne Wollen Teigen” Reformation Lectures, in honor of the late Bethany Lutheran College President B.W. Teigen.  He taught at both the college and seminary and was author of The Lord’s Supper in the Theology of Martin Chemnitz and the I Believe Series of studies on the Lutheran Confessions.  Teigen was instrumental in the establishment of the lectures. 



This year’s B.W. Teigen Reformation Lectures will take place on Reformation Day, Thursday, October 31 and All Saints’ Day, Friday, November 1.  Presenters are Prof. Mark Harstad and Dr. Harold Senkbeil.  The topic is “Confessional Lutheranism’s Answers to the Challenges of Modern Society.” Prof. Harstad will present on the “The Christian’s Vocation in the Three Estates: Family, Church, and Society.”   Prof. Harstad taught Old Testament and Church History several years at Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary and for over 25 has taught religion, history, and Hebrew classes at Bethany Lutheran College. Dr. Senkbeil will speak on “The Christian Faces Contemporary Challenges.”  He has written extensively on this topic, especially in such works as Sanctification: Christ in Action and Dying to Live: the Power of Forgiveness.  He has taught at Ft. Wayne Seminary and heads up the Doxology project.



Bjarne Wollan Teigen Reformation Lectures 2013

Bethany Lutheran College Mankato MN


Confessional Lutheranism’s Answers to the Challenges of Modern Society


Thursday, Oct. 31st, 10:30AM

Lecture I. The Christian’s Vocation in the Three Estates: Family, Church, and Society

Speaker: Prof. Mark Harstad

2:00-3:30PM Discussion



Friday, Nov. 1st, 10:30AM

Lecture II. The Christian Faces Contemporary Challenges

Speaker: Dr. Harold Senkbeil

2:00-3:30PM Discussion


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  1. Stef
    September 15th, 2013 at 16:53 | #1

    Do you record these and are they available for downloading – for those of us that live a tad too far from Minnesota?

  2. September 16th, 2013 at 23:24 | #2

    David Scaer gave a great paper there one year I believe on the Wrath of God. Teigen’s book on Lord’s Supper in Theology of Martin Chemnitz is a glorious work and is available as a free download online! Teigen gives us the inside story on Luther’s views as passed on by Chemnitz. Great.

  3. Shawn Stafford
    September 17th, 2013 at 08:59 | #3

    @Stef #1- For those unable to attend the lectures, a printed copy of the lectures is available for $15 by writing to the Reformation Lectures Bethany Lutheran College 700 Luther Drive Mankato MN 56001. The lectures do get published in the Lutheran Synod Quarterly, produced by Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary and eventually get posted on the website in pdf form. But at this point they are only up to 2011 in putting LSQ issues online.

    @thomas olson#2- David Scaer presented in 1980 with the topic “Luther on the Christian’s Cross and His Final Deliverance”

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