“We Are Baptized for This Moment”: A Hymn (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

May 16th, 2013 Post by

To go with this summer’s LCMS Convention theme, Baptized for This Moment: A Bible Study, is being made available for free through the synod’s website, where you can download a pdf file of the study.

The study’s five lessons are:
1. Baptized
2. Repent and Be Baptized
3. Baptized for Witness
4. Baptized for Mercy
5. Baptized for Life Together

I’m planning to use this Bible study with my own parish, starting later this month, and in our service on May 26 I’m planning to preach on the passages from Acts 2 that form the basis for the theme and the study.

And so I’ve written a hymn, “We Are Baptized for This Moment,” to use with the service and the study. The tune I’ve chosen for the text is All Saints (LSB 485, 529), a tune in the public domain.

If you’d like to make non-profit use of this hymn for your study or service, you have my permission; just give proper attribution. I’m putting the text of the hymn below, but I’ve also prepared a better formatted bulletin insert with the hymn text on it. If you’d like to have that, just let me know by clicking here and I can send it on to you as a file attachment.

We Are Baptized for This Moment

We are baptized for this moment,
Born for such a time as this;
Raised from death to life eternal,
New life now and future bliss.
Not long past or far away,
We are baptized for this day!

We are baptized and forgiven,
Sinners cleansed by Christ our Lord;
Called by God, the Spirit given,
In the water and the Word.
What has brought us to this place?
We are baptized by God’s grace!

We are baptized for a witness,
Telling all what God can do;
Speaking out the Gospel promise,
“Jesus is your Savior, too.”
Hearts believe and mouths confess;
We are baptized, God will bless!

We are baptized to show mercy,
Children share the Father’s heart;
When we see a world that’s hurting,
Love will act and do its part.
Christ’s compassion cares for all;
We are baptized, hear the call!

We are baptized in Christ’s body,
Life together as the church;
Brothers, sisters, in God’s fam’ly,
We all share a common birth.
Varied gifts, one faith the same;
We are baptized, praise His name!

Text: © Charles Henrickson, 2013
Tune: ALL SAINTS (LSB 485, 529)
87 87 77
Public domain

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  1. KrustyKraut
    May 16th, 2013 at 22:46 | #1

    Very nice Pastor.

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