Mollie Hemingway “helps spotlight lack of abortion trial coverage” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

May 4th, 2013 Post by

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, religion journalist, media critic, and Steadfast blogger, is being featured in the news for her role in calling attention to the lack of media coverage of the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Hemingway was interviewed recently on Fox News, and now there is a story about her in the LCMS’s Reporter (by Kim Plummer Krull), “LCMS media critic helps spotlight lack of abortion trial coverage,” which I am excerpting below:

If you know the name Kermit Gosnell, you might credit Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, a media critic who helped spotlight mainstream reporters’ lack of coverage of the murder trial of the Philadelphia abortion doctor.

“I’m glad that journalists were finally forced to acknowledge their failures in covering this story — and abortion in general — and I’m glad that some are beginning to ask themselves why,” said Hemingway, senior writer for and a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Alexandria, Va. “We’ve seen too much advocacy in favor of abortion and too little quality journalism on our abortion culture. . . .

Hemingway’s role in helping bring news coverage to the abortion doctor trial also led to an appearance on a Fox News broadcast. . . .

Hemingway hails from Castle Rock, Colo., where her father, the Rev. Larry Ziegler, is pastor of Mount Zion Lutheran Church. She and her husband, journalist Mark Hemingway, have two young daughters.

As she awaits the Gosnell case verdict, Hemingway sees no shortage of future topics to cover. “My big stories right now revolve around religious liberty, marriage law and basic reporting errors on religion news stories,” she said.

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  1. Carl Vehse
    May 4th, 2013 at 09:20 | #1

    Here is Newsbuster’s collection of propaganda “news” stories from the fifth-column, pro-abortion media spinning the Kermit Gosnell abortion-murder trial.

    The second page of the collection includes the story, “WaPo’s Sarah Kliff Defends Gosnell Blackout: ‘I Cover Policy for the Washington Post, Not Local Crime’,” with links to Mollie Hemingway’s article exposing Kliff’s deceptive claim.

    In her April 12 blog post, Hemingway noted that even the WaPo readers “find her [Kliff’s] justification attempt stunning, disingenuous, callous, laughable and far, far worse.”

    Hemingway also noted, “But the thing is that I’m getting kind of sick of pointing out egregious bias only to see things not just remain bad but get worse.”

  2. Joyful Noise
    May 4th, 2013 at 18:12 | #2

    I saw Mollie on Fox News. She was excellent. Kristen Powers, a frequent Fox contributor, presented the liberal point of view. Funny thng, though, she was in almost complete agreement with Mollie.

  3. Mike Brugge
    May 4th, 2013 at 22:57 | #3

    Mollie has been dogged in her pursuit of this issue, working away on the angle that there was a media blackout of the Kermit Gosnell trial. They were getting away with it until Mollie started calling out reporters by name for their failure to inform the public. It was only after Mollie started tweeting specific reporters, prompting their lame replies, that the story got any traction.
    The case itself is rightly called the “abortion shop of horrors.” It takes a really strong stomach to read the Grand Jury Report (this is a grisly .pdf download):

    Anyone who wants to follow the media blackout aspect of the Kermit Gosnell trial can do so by going to the blog, and on the right type in a search for “Kermit Gosnell.” It has been fascinating reading. [GetReligion is a group that includes Mollie; their thing is to pursue better-quality journalism in coverage of religious issues. (Unfortunately they are housed at Patheos, a home for a hopeless collection of liberal bloggers, including an amazing representation of atheists and neo-pagans.)]

    This is an amazing case in which Mollie did an outstanding bit of work to move the mass media off of a blackout and into some coverage of an important trial. She embarrassed them so badly that for over a week the chatter about the media failure overwhelmed the chatter about the trial.

  4. Carl Vehse
    May 5th, 2013 at 15:53 | #4

    Regarding the fifth-column, pro-abortion news media and their lack of coverage of the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, Mollie Hemingway had stated on April 12:

    “But the thing is that I’m getting kind of sick of pointing out egregious bias only to see things not just remain bad but get worse.”

    The May 5, 2013, Newsbusters website notes the continuing media bias in two articles:

    1. ‘Face the Nation’ Spends 30 Minutes on Gay [sic] NBA Player, Still No Mention of Gosnell

    2. ‘Meet the Press’ Spends 8 1/2 Minutes on Gay [sic] NBA Player, 2 1/2 on Gosnell

  5. helen
    May 7th, 2013 at 11:02 | #5

    Keep at them, Mollie!

    I admit to not paying much attention to MSM, print or TV, but I noticed that, a local station also on line, did have an article on the Gosnell case last night. I haven’t googled to see if there are any other local references. [They have the excuse of the West explosion here.]

  6. Pastor Steven Schlund
    May 7th, 2013 at 11:50 | #6

    @Joyful Noise #2
    I watched the interview on Fox and thought it went well. However, I wish the moderator had allowed Mollie to speak more. The moderator seemed to be more intent on either speaking her own feelings or attempting to make Mollie’s points for her. What the moderator said was good, but I think, if this was an interview, she should have allowed Mollie to speak for herself.

  7. Joe Strieter
    May 12th, 2013 at 06:53 | #7

    Has anyone else noticed the parallels between the Gosnell story and the rescue of the three kidnapped girls in Cleveland? They are striking. I’ll leave you-all to think about it, and I’ll get back later today. You can start with predation, and go from there–women, children, murder, abuse….

  8. Carl Vehse
    May 12th, 2013 at 07:44 | #8

    According to Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Prosecutor Timothy McGinty, Cleveland kidnapper will face murder charges for forced abortions of the unborn infants of the raped women.

    Unfortunately, on November 15, 2001, in a sniveling and gutless cowardly act, Ohio Governor Bob Taft signed House Bill 362 eliminating the 104-year-old electric chair known as “Old Sparky” as a method of execution, leaving only lethal injection. “Old Sparky” was donated to the Ohio Historical Society in 2002. And given the state’s perfidious 2012 presidential election results, it is doubtful Ohio voters will petition to bring “Old Sparky” back out of retirement.

  9. Joe Strieter
    May 12th, 2013 at 11:55 | #9

    @Carl Vehse #8

    I’d like to read the text of the charges. Of course, the indictment will be at least as grisly as the Grand Jury indictment of Gosnell Mike Brugge (#2 above) is right–it takes a strong stomach to read that one. I’m sure Cleveland’s will be just as nauseating.

    You may think the death penalty is appropriate–I agree, but let’s face it–if Castro gets only life, his life in prison will be a living hell. Predation and abuse will take on new and vivid meanings for him.

  10. May 12th, 2013 at 18:49 | #10

    It’s murder to violate a woman’s right to murder her child…

  11. quasicelsus
    May 13th, 2013 at 09:33 | #11

    @Carl Vehse #8

    And praise God such a terrible means of execution hasn’t been mandated in over a decade.

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