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November 22nd, 2011 Post by

I had the great opportunity to attend the Wyoming District Youth Breakaway Weekend this past weekend at St. Andrew’s Campus Center in Laramie, Wyoming.  At the event, I had the chance to sit down and talk with Pastor David Kind of University Lutheran Chapel.  This was my first time meeting this pastor who I knew from his good reputation and also that of the congregation he serves.  I was impressed to say the least.  I was also impressed in that he spent a bunch of time with the 50-60 youth at the weekend teaching them about the Old Testament and archaeology.  Basically it was a good weekend to show the kids how the Scriptures are true, even in matters of history.  It also armed them to be little apologists going around and chopping down the idols of the present world.

Another impressive thing was the worship and preaching.  Pastor Marcus Zill, the campus pastor at St. Andrews made sure to expose the youth to our prayer offices and they were all done very well.  Pr. Kind preached on Sunday morning, and with the extremely great music (thanks to youth volunteers, members of St. Andrews, and Kantor Steven Hoffman) the entire Sunday morning service was 1 hour and 40 minutes.  When I told my youth that they were shocked that it was so long because they didn’t think it was any longer than “normal” church (1 hour 5 minutes or so).  That result is a testament to all of the talent and also a theology which doesn’t seek to water anything down for our youth.


One of the main things to come out of the conference for me was a renewed appreciation for campus ministry, especially that within my own district and also that of ULC in Minneapolis.  Which brings me to this announcement and plea:

Until the Eve of the Circumcision and Name of Jesus (Dec. 31st) every dollar donated to ULC (up to $25K total) will be matched by an offering made by a member of ULC.  This is a great opportunity to support ULC if you haven’t already, or you could keep your support coming.  Double your donation by clicking here.


Also, in a show of support for ULC, they are asking other churches during Advent to join with them in praying the Litany.  Here is the announcement from the SAVE ULC website:

We are asking congregations to pray the Litany with us this Advent Season during their Advent services, and to include the following petition for campus ministries and for ULC:

“To bless and preserve all campus ministries of Your Church, especially University Lutheran Chapel in her time of trial; to bless the students of our colleges and universities with the proclamation of Your pure Gospel, which alone has the power to save;”

This petition should be used in section of the Litany that begins “To rule and govern Your holy Christian Church…” immediately following that petition and before the petition that begins “To put an end to all schisms…”

The Litany is found on page 288 of Lutheran Service Book, or can be found here in a printable version.


A good idea from a great congregation having to bear up under the weight of great trial.




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  1. Robin Muench
    November 23rd, 2011 at 09:59 | #1

    I share from my Facebook post:
    EXODUS WITH A TWIST – I awoke this morning thinking how the pastor of ULC has pleaded with the board of the MNS District: “Let my people stay.” But the board members hardened their hearts, stubborn with their own vision of ministry. The congregation pleaded: “Let us stay.” But the board members hardened their hearts. Fifty-one campus pastors and workers from all over the country appealed to the board: “Let these people stay.” But the hearts of the board members remained hardened, and they would not listen to them. Resolutions were adopted by MNS/MNN pastors in conference on behalf of ULC. But the hearts of the board members were hardened this time also, and they did not let the people stay. Lay people and pastors alike wrote hundreds? thousands? of letters pleading: “Let these people stay.” But the hearts of the board members were hardened, and they did not let the people of ULC stay in the land; they sold it. Friends and family, this is not mere child’s play. Please, even if you have no personal connection to ULC, consider a gift before the end of 2011 to help them through their exodus. Thank you.

    May the Lord’s continued mercy be upon ULC.

  2. Old Time St. John’s
    November 23rd, 2011 at 14:14 | #2

    A reminder: Our Synodical President has asked every congregation and member and pastor in the LCMS to donate to ULCMN. This absolutely unprecedented request is due to the extraordinary nature of this situation. Seminary Professor Pless, former pastor at ULCMN, reminded us that World Relief or the CEF step in in the event of a natural disaster, but that there is no regular mechanism for the extraordinary plight of the fine congregation at ULCMN.
    It is up to us, as brothers and sisters in Christ, to pray, and to give. “Let us not grow weary in doing good.”

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