Message for September from President Harrison

September 21st, 2011 Post by

Found on the Office of the President section of the LCMS website, here.

In his September message to the Synod, President Harrison emphasizes how vital it is for the church to help families keep their children in the faith.

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  1. helen
    September 21st, 2011 at 14:59 | #1

    President Harrison emphasizes how vital it is for the church to help families keep their children in the faith.

    How vital it is for the church to help families keep their children in the faith!

    Children of college age, too, I would think, when the church can act “in loco parentis”… if there is a church there to do so!

  2. Matthew Mills
    September 21st, 2011 at 15:15 | #2

    OK BJS folks,
    As I wrote on the National Mission Conf thread below; listen to this carefully, and mirror the wording in your (paper copy) letters to the MNN, MNS and LC-MS presidium on the ULC sale. This is a “Witness, Mercy, Life Together,” Koinonia Project, Synodical unity issue. Let’s even say the ULC “owes” MNS $3.2Million. Our answer should be : Matt 18:29. Once again, Pastor Harrison has put the thin edge of this wedge just where we need it to save ULC. Lets keep tapping the other end w/ our prayers, dollars, and respectful “Witness, Mercy, Life Together,” letters to absolutely everyone we can think of.
    Pax Christi+,
    -Matt Mills

    Donate Now

  3. Rev. Roger D. Sterle
    September 21st, 2011 at 19:59 | #3

    Contact me off list to help me understand how I can imbed this on my school’s face book account??

  4. Rose
    September 22nd, 2011 at 09:12 | #4

    President Harrison,
    Do you know the work of Voddie Baucham, including “The Centrality of the Home in Evangelism and Discipleship”?
    Here are his principles:
    1. The Bible gives the responsibility for discipleship of children to fathers. Not mothers, youth pastors, or Sunday School teachers.
    2. If a child does not have a Christian father, churches should have a Youth Pastor for those children.
    3. The Youth Pastor should be an older man who has raised and discipled his own children.
    These are revolutionary ideas.
    Also see which is available to watch free online through September.

  5. Mary
    September 22nd, 2011 at 18:54 | #5

    Definitely we should be in prayer over this intense warfare for the souls of our children and the future of the church. I can’t help but wonder if this little (and I mean little) address was a means by which the head representative of the LCMS can point to this and say that the issue has been addressed — anything short of this could be pointed to as being completely negligent and out of touch. In other words, he just covered himself (putting it nicely).

    I submitted the following Letter to the Editor of the Lutheran Witness on 4/17/10, which was never included in the magazine. Please hear what is on my heart as I share it with you now.

    I am a mother who was around when all of this cultural nonsense came barrelling through the LCMS like a train that we were all expected to board. There was no discussion; Scriptural authority was not consulted; and the church reduced itself to “enticing” prospective members. Simply being faithful to the Gospel was not in vogue. Many of its faithful members did not know what had just hit them. There was a lusting after the apparent significance of the non-denominational mega churches that were visibly cropping up all over the place at that time. With this came a wide open gate philosphy which allowed wolves to come into the fold, adding only to the attendance count and bringing with them the anticipation of increased offerings. Is it any wonder we have seen sheep scatter? Families have been pierced as they have watched their children walk away from the doctrinal truths they themselves have embraced. The “programs” that were put into place were no more than distractions filled with entertainment, peppered with “good works” in which the youth could participate while giving off an illusion of purpose. Those who truly belonged to the flock were unprotected within their own gates.

    I now see a church whose doctrine I love, that embraces a philosophy I can not endorse. I grew up with a love for God and genuine concern for my neighbor; a high regard for Holy Scripture and the Sacraments; and an honor for Martin Luther, a great father of our faith.

    So…when is the real work going to begin in cleaning up this failed experiment where the world was enticed into the church instead of the church equipping its saints to go out into the world and make disciples? Meanwhile, it is urgent that we repent and prayerfully intercede for a generation that has been left for lost. Let us trust in our Baptism and that of our children and be better stewards of all that God has placed in our care, else He should take away from us (LCMS) that one priceless talent (doctrinal truth coming soley from Scripture), which we have been so tempted to bury; and place it in more faithful hands.

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