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President Harrison Demonstrates Creativity and Unity in the “Raabe-Mission War Room,” by Pr. Rossow

June 30th, 2011 31 comments

Al Colver has a very informative and inspiring post over on his blog ABC3’s of Miscellany about President Harrison’s new, creative and unifying approach to LCMS missions. I encourage you to read the entire post but here is a summary. Dr. Paul Raabe from Concordia Seminary responded to a recent Harrison talk with an idea that we need a missions war room so that we can coordinate all of our efforts. That’s all Harrison and his team needed. They set to work creating just such a war room and beyond that, they brought in folks from both seminaries and key missions positions to get everyone   More…

Issues, Etc. Radio: 3 Year Anniversary

June 30th, 2011 4 comments

Dear Issues, Etc. Listener: In the name of Jesus, greetings. Our listeners keep Issues, Etc. on the air. We believe this more and more every day. June 30, 2011, marks the three-year anniversary of our return to radio, the Internet, and on-demand. For those three years (and for more than a decade before that) our listeners have kept us on the air. Thank you. Please consider supporting Issues, Etc. for the years to come with a special three-year anniversary gift. Any size gift is deeply appreciated. You can make a secure online donation at You can also donate by   More…

What Happens when you Nail a Panda to a Cross? by Pr. Rossow

June 28th, 2011 69 comments

What happens when you nail a panda to a cross? Does it squeal? Does it bleed? Certainly not – those cute little lovable bears should never be put on a cross and certainly not made to suffer. As I was driving around the other day I noticed a church with a “Pandamonia” banner on the front lawn. Pandamonia is the latest greatest entry into the VBS publishing sweepstakes. The reason I bring this up is that Pandamania is another example of the church trivializing the faith and trying to make the faith fun and exciting. There isn’t much fun or excitement in receiving   More…

Comment on the LCMS Youth Gathering

June 27th, 2011 137 comments

This comment came in on an ancient (March 6th, 2010) post of ours, LCMS Youth Gathering Praise Music Now Comes with a Theological Disclaimer. The commenter was someone who attended the conference as a chaperone. To gain context for the comment, you should read some of the other comments on the original post. Tracy makes some excellent points about the gathering, but what’s interesting to me is that two of the youth who attended NYG no longer attend church because they have seen how church “can be done” and are bored at their home church now. This is surely not   More…

Taking Up the Holy Cross, by Pastor Martin Noland

Sermon based on the text: Matthew 10:34-42 [2nd Sunday after Pentecost] for June 26, 2011: In our Gospel lesson this morning, Jesus talks about something that separates the mere church-goer from the true believer in Christ.  I am warning you ahead of time.  Some of you may be offended by what Jesus has to say here, once you understand what it means.  If you are offended, it is probably because you come to church in order to solve your problems or to make your life happier or to socialize with a bunch of nice people.  Our Gospel lesson tells you   More…

A Laymen’s Confession, the Church’s Confession – Celebrating the Augsburg Confession

Today (at least out here in the Mountain Time Zone) it is still June 25th, the 481st anniversary of the Augsburg Confession. Some thoughts on Augsburg:  (please add your own) It is a testament to God using all people to confess the truth. It is a testament to lay-theologians (compiled/edited/written by the layman Phillip Melancthon) It is a testament to laymen in general (the confessors at Augsburg were laymen) It is a testament to the Lutheran civil authorities (who confessed the faith courageously) It is a testament to the power of the Gospel [or maybe the fear of God as   More…

President Harrison’s “Little Book of Joy” now available through CPH

June 24th, 2011 5 comments

Several people have written comments on this website and elsewhere, “Where can I order Little Book of Joy?” .. well, as found on Cyberbrethren, it is now available from CPH! I have it on good authority that “At Home in the House of My Fathers”, another searched-for book from President Harrison, will also be out from CPH in a few months.   President Matthew Harrison wrote a great book in 2009 titled A Little Book on Joy: The Secret of Living a Good News Life in a Bad News World. It proved extremely popular and after he was elected president   More…

Church Growth Conference at Redeemer, Fort Wayne – Not the way you think.

Ok, it’s just a play on words, the good folks at Redeemer are not going off the deep end into the error-laden world of church growth – they are focused on God’s created way for growth within the church (being fruitful and multiplying, and then raising the fruit of a marriage in the Faith). I recently found out about an annual conference that is hosted at Redeemer, Fort Wayne every year.  Their website is here.  It is a conference for families.  That is right, a conference on something often forgotten in the quest to be the next big, relevant, hip,   More…

I always thought my church was pretty cool

June 21st, 2011 15 comments

but it’s not like we’re the Cool Lutheran Church pictured here.

President Harrison Demonstrating Sound Headship on Fiscal Issues, by Pr. Rossow

June 20th, 2011 97 comments

The Brothers of John the Steadfast supported the election of Matt Harrison to the presidency of the LCMS and with his early, difficult decisions on the budget, he is not disappointing. His special issue of the Lutheran Witness was direct and bold about the necessary cuts needed to address the income shortfall in the synod. (See our earlier post on the special Lutheran Witness issue by clicking here.) Now we read that the Board of Directors (BOD), which if you follow various voting lists at the convention, has a majority of members elected by the same people who elected Harrison, is following suit   More…

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Confessional’s Bytes on “Six Day Creation?”

June 18th, 2011 170 comments

Another excellent book review found over on Confessional’s Bytes:   A controversy I regularly encounter amongst Christians is over a literal six day creation as recorded in the Old Testament book of Genesis. In Genesis chapter one verses one through thirty-one (Gen 1:1-31) we read the creation account which spans six periods of time described in the text as “there was evening and there was morning” followed by “the first day,” “the second day,” and so on and so forth until “the sixth day.” Are these “days” literal twenty four hour periods? Did God literally work one of the grandest   More…

Issues Etc on Athanasian Creed

June 18th, 2011 3 comments

Found on Issues, Etc.: This week the Church celebrates Trinity Sunday. Christians around the world will confess the ancient Athanasian Creed. Is the doctrine of the Trinity essential to the Christian faith? What does it mean to worship “One God in Trinity and Trinity in Unity”? Prepare to celebrate Trinity Sunday by listening to our four-part series on “The Athanasian Creed” with Pastor Will Weedon. Part 1: One God in Trinity and Trinity in Unity   Part 2: The Persons and Substance of the Trinity   Part 3: The Incarnation of Christ   Part 4: The Work of Christ     More…

Steadfast Lutherans Hacked / COMMENTING ENABLED

June 18th, 2011 19 comments

My hosting company determined that there was a hack of this site, and found that the file that submits comments is the cause of the problem. Evidently the current version of WordPress has a hole in it that allows people to send massive emails through it. They received a massive amount of reported spam coming from this site. I’m doing some research to find out what happened and try to restore commenting, but until then commenting on this site has been disabled.

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Great stuff Found on the Web — Straight Schlueter on Pray for the Candidates

June 16th, 2011 2 comments

Found over on the Straight Schlueter blog:   I am not sure that this is widely known, but just as was the case a year ago, there are seminary graduates and candidates for placement who are still waiting to receive a call. I happen to have one of these men in my own charge at the moment. He was serving a convertible vicarage, the original congregation was not able to keep him, and we were blessed to have him come serve the remaining months of his vicarage here with us. He has served very, very well. He has been a   More…

A woman runs for President, is it Lutheran? With POLL. UPDATED

[poll id=”5″] I heard on my local talk radio tonight that Michelle Bachmann will be running for President this time around.  Sarah Palin will also probably throw her head-covering in the ring as well.  Bachmann was at one point an active member of a WELS congregation, but according to this site, she has left the WELS to be something a little less “denominational”.  Apparently the teachings of the WELS (and Lutheranism for that matter) about the Antichrist being the pope were not in line with her beliefs.  UPDATE: According to her former parish, she has indeed been released from her   More…