Great Stuff — Worldview Everlasting “Bill Nye the Assertions Guy”

Associate Editor’s Note:  With the upcoming debate between Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and Bill Nye, this repost of a great video from Worldview Everlasting is timely.

Yeah, something’s wrong with my mic, but Worldview Everlasting still takes on some rather extreme conversational illogic, and, (sigh) yes, that little problem of “evolutionary theory.” And since assertions and arrogance is all it really takes to win an argument, and since there is no such thing as truth but only opinion, then we all win! Right?

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Great Stuff — Worldview Everlasting “Bill Nye the Assertions Guy” — 3 Comments

  1. Those genocidal threats from atheists that he showed at the end are quite common from those people in online comment threads. I’ve seen plenty of other examples. And if someone is willing to threaten you with murder or genocide, they would absolutely do it if given the opportunity.

  2. Here’s another genocidal threat from an atheist on a comment thread just like the one Pr. Fisk showed in the video:

    The anonymous atheist wrote: “Dude, take your medicine and stop listening to the voices in your head… Seriously, the sooner we Anti-theists take over the world, the better. We’ll burn your churches, bibles and even your bodies in the name of curing the mental sickness you have inflicted upon humanity.”

  3. I think, per my minion opinion,…is one of the best..of Pastor’s videos. Facts, logic, ew, like it totally, doesn’t like match up, with like my, like theory, like…ya know?
    Science guy, nope. Good grief, who wrote the script, for the “Science Guy”, show? And…who taught this uber smart, guy, grammar?!

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