Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — A Video Pick

A Video Pick

This weeks’ pick comes from the Vimeo channel of Faith Lutheran Church in Capistrano Beach, CA. It is the first of a six part series entitled “A Brief History of Lutheran Pietism” by Dr. Daniel van Voorhis of Concordia University Irvine. In this introductory lesson, Dr. Voorhis starts to trace Lutheran pietism from Johann Arndt through Philipp Spener and others with particular emphasis on properly defining Lutheran orthodoxy, pietism, and piety.


I will admit that this pick is biased because I met one of Faith’s pastors, Pr. Jeremy Rhode, and a member, Jeff Tupper, at the DOXOLOGY retreat this past weekend. I mentioned that I had been watching Faith’s videos for a while and they told me how they were blessed by having Concordia Irvine nearby and access to its professors. They do the videos as outreach and service to the broader church and I highlight the work they’re doing.


Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — A Video Pick — 3 Comments

  1. At the beginning (0:55 – 1:06) of the video, Dr. Dan van Voorhis provides an interesting quote from Martin Luther:

    “The historians, therefore, are the most useful people and the best teachers, so that one can never honor, praise, and thank them enough.” [Preface to Galeatius Capella’s History, Luther’s Works, Vol. 34, p. 276]

    Dr. van Voorhis then bemoans the fact that the statement didn’t make it into the Book of Concord, so that Lutherans are not bound by it.

    The six videos can be seen in the series, “A Brief History of Lutheran Pietism” taught by Dr. Dan van Voorhis. The six video lessons are:

    1. “Orthodoxy, Pietism, and the Schism in the Lutheran Soul”
    2. “Halle Pietism- August Hermann Francke and the Quest for Assurance”
    3. “The Diaspora of Lutheran Pietism-Zinzendorf and the American Colonies”
    4. “Pietism in America- Muhlenberg and the Radical Pietists”
    5. “The Second Reformation: Lutherans and the Reformed in the 16th Century”
    6. “Lutheranism and the Radical Reformed”

    There is also an 8-lesson series by Dr. Dan van Voorhis on “Christianity in America“:

    1. “Introduction and Puritans in the New World”
    2. “Rationalism and Revivalism in the 1700s”
    3. “The 19th Century: Romantics and Radicals”
    4. “The Rise of Fundamentalism”
    5. “‘Fundamentalism’ and ‘Modernism’ in the early 20th c.”
    6. “The Gospel on the Airwaves”
    7. “Christ and Culture – West Coast Christianity”
    8. “Where are We and How did We Get Here”

  2. Thanks for adding the lesson names and links to the series. Dr. van Voorhis quip is a good example of his style, which is a big part of why I chose this particular lesson.

  3. A little bit of covetousness on my part, but this congregation has been blessed with some fantastic, faithful teachers both ordained ministers and lay teachers. Good pick.

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