Steadfast Media Pick of the Week

The Internet is all about being relevant, right? In the past week or so there have been a couple posts on classical education, and this week’s Steadfast Media pick is a recent segment of Issues, Etc. on the same subject. Pr. Heath Curtis and Jocelyn Benson explain what classical education is, its history, how it differs from modern educational models.

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Supporting resolutions for ULC stricken, “this” resolution is put to the MNS Convention. UPDATED

  The ongoing struggle over ULC, showing the deepening divisions in our Synod has a new document.  ULC has released a critical evaluation of the resolution that will be put before the Minnesota South District Convention (Resolution 5-01).  Keep in … Continue reading

Wittenberg Academy: Classical Lutheran High School for the World

Introducing Wittenberg Academy – the world’s first online, Lutheran High School in the classical tradition: Listen to an interview with Head Teacher Mrs. Jocelyn Benson and Latin and Greek teacher Rev. H. R. Curtis on Issues, Etc., Monday, May … Continue reading