Great Stuff — An Introduction to Advent & Christmastime

Thanks again to a facebook posting of this article by Rev. Anthony R. Voltattorni on his blog We are All Beggers. We previously posted an article by him on How to Appreciate your Pastor. This article is from last year, … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Funerals — “Everyone a Preacher”

I found this on facebook; on Scott Diekmann’s Stand Firm blog. Scott talking:   The following post is written by my good friend Joe Strieter. He addresses a topic that isn’t brought up all that frequently, the funeral, and specifically … Continue reading

Luther’s Birthday, Free Conferences, and Gas Prices

A few weeks ago many WELS, ELS, LCMS and even some other Lutherans gathered on Luther’s birthday to have a Free Conference in the great city of New Ulm, MN (a town found in my ancestry along with the great … Continue reading

Challenges Facing Many Historic Lutheran Congregations

Thanks to a loyal BJS reader for pointing out these videos. We appreciate submissions of items that may be of interest to our readers. Many historic Lutheran congregations are faced with multiples challenges: migration of families to the outer suburbs, … Continue reading

Call for Footage: Time Out Christmas Video

I waited until after thanksgiving to not confuse the holidays, so the first sentence of Dan’s posting is no longer relevant. Dan would like to add that they are releasing a chunk of the hymn audio the week after Thanksgiving. … Continue reading

It’s More About the ‘Heart’ Knowledge than it is About the ‘Head’ Knowledge According to St. Louis Sem Magazine, by Pr. Rossow

In this Fall’s edition of “Concordia Seminary,” the magazine of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, it is reported that the professors remind the students that “it’s more about the ‘heart’ knowledge than it is about the ‘head’ knowledge” (p. 21). This … Continue reading

Double your offering to help ULC without giving double… Show Unity in the Litany…

I had the great opportunity to attend the Wyoming District Youth Breakaway Weekend this past weekend at St. Andrew’s Campus Center in Laramie, Wyoming.  At the event, I had the chance to sit down and talk with Pastor David Kind … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — The Lutheran Church Is and Is Not

On Pastor Lovett’s blog, ORATIO + TENTATIO + MEDITATIO, he has a question regarding The Lutheran Church Is and Is Not.   Consider the following statement. I’d like to hear your comments below. (While I loathe to admit it, the … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Preaching on Credit by Pr. Lovett

Thanks to a loyal BJS contributor for finding this post on Pastor Lovett’s ORATIO + TENTATIO + MEDITATIO blog:   I am no different than most pastors. I want to be a good preacher. Now certainly we (myself and other … Continue reading

Livestream for Fisk Installation Service with Wilken Preaching, by Pr. Rossow

It looks like we will be live streaming Pastor Jonathan Fisk’s installation service on Sunday. It will be the Divine Service with Pastor Todd Wilken preaching and Circuit Visitor, Pastor David Bottorf doing the installing. We already have over fifteen other … Continue reading

Grow your numbers while losing the Church – Host a techno-mass!

I read this in the local Cheyenne paper this morning. At first this may seem like a good compromise – it has the contemporary aspect (really contemporary, not the type promoted by many Americans) and also uses the word … Continue reading

Save ULC – a new video, and a reminder to keep support coming in.

Here is a new video from some former members of ULC about ULC.   Please take a look:   Confessionals, time to put your money where your mouth (and confession) is: DONATE TO SUPPORT ULC   … Continue reading

Weedon’s Blog — The Daily Prayers

A good reminder of the value of the Treasury of Daily Prayer put out by CPH, this was found on Weedon’s Blog:   Treasury of Daily Prayer provides a set prayer to pray each day of the week. Each day … Continue reading

WMLTblog — Think Tank on Campus Ministry Announced

Found on Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog:   Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Last month, President Harrison wrote a “Pastoral Letter about Campus Ministry” to the church and signaled that the Office of National Mission (ONM) was prepared to … Continue reading

The Benefits of Memorizing Scripture

I know this is not a lutheran source, but I found this on facebook from EnglishStandardVersion. Is anyone else confused about these pages popping up, and wish you could figure out who is behind them? Seems like there should be … Continue reading

Pastoral Abuse and a Church’s obligation to be merciful…

This article is about abuse of pastors, not the opposite (please keep comments in line with that). This past month was “Pastor Appreciation Month” and many congregations gave gifts or meals or something in thanks to the work their pastors … Continue reading

Of Masks and Martin and Our Reformation Faith

A loyal reader pointed out this by Pastor Rick Sawyer on the ACELC website:   Lots of masks at my front door last night! How about yours? Happy post-traumatic Halloween to us all! No more door bells setting the dog … Continue reading

Texas Confessional Lutherans 2011 Free Conference

Report from the Twenty-Second Texas Confessional Lutherans Free Conference (2011):   Theme: “The Koinonia Project, Witness, Mercy, Life Together” First Vice President Herb Mueller presented information concerning the Koinonia Project and the study: Witness, Mercy, Life Together. This study and … Continue reading

The Hat Makes the Man

Another great post from Stand Firm by Scott Diekmann:   On the October 14th Issues, Etc. Comment Line, a listener phoned in with show suggestions (35:20 into the clip below), one of which was “How can the LCMS appoint kingdom … Continue reading