The Confessions teach us to preach: Sin

Over the past years of my personal study of the Lutheran Confessions, I have noticed something that I think I have often experienced pastors overlooking and also myself overlooked as a pastor, more specifically as a preacher. It is overwhelming … Continue reading

Question from a BJS reader

This question came in from a loyal BJS reader: I was dismayed to see that the Association of Downtown Lutheran Churches ( has both LCMS and ELCA congregations. They are having a conference this weekend at First Lutheran Church of … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — LCMS Responds to Southern Storms

Found on Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog: LCMS President Rev. Matthew C. Harrison explains what we know about the safety of LCMS members and the extent of damage to LCMS congregations and schools as a result of recent storms in … Continue reading

“Witness, Mercy, Life Together”: A Hymn (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

President Harrison’s “Emphasis for the Church” is summed up in three terms, “Witness, Mercy, Life Together” (Martyria, Diakonia, Koinonia are the related Greek terms). The President’s Office has set up a blog,, to carry forward the theme of “Witness, … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — The Löhe Theological Conference III

The Löhe Theological Conference III was announced on the CTSFW website. We’ve added it to Lutheran Calendar. Thanks to a BJS reader and CyberBrethren for bringing this to our attention. Note: you can add The Lutheran Calendar to your website … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Time Out Video Hymn

One of BJS’s goals is supporting New Media and its use in church or associated organizations. Time Out has produced their first Hymn Video, and here’s a description found on Necessary Roughness describing how it was done written by Dan … Continue reading

Local Methobapticostal Church Does a Parody of Rebecca Black Pop Song, by Pr. Rossow

Evidently, there is a young pop artists with a succesful song and video called “Friday.” (You can view it here.) My fellow pastor, Stephen Schumacher, passed on to me the parady of it by a local “evangelical” congregation inviting people to … Continue reading

CLCC Conference in Minneapolis: Pr. Rossow to Speak on Putting Your Church on a Diet

The group Confessional Lutherans for Christ’s Commission (CLCC) is sponsoring a two-day conference in Minneapolis next week just prior to the Association of Confessional Lutherans conference at the same venue – the Ramada Inn – Mall of America. The CLCC … Continue reading

Decent and Good Order

People who are trying to communicate with the Minnesota South District of the LCMS about the plan to sell off University Lutheran Chapel are being more or less shut down at every turn. One pastor wrote to the District President … Continue reading

The new website is live

The new LCMS.ORG is now live: BJS reader “Carl Vehse” wrote this: So where did everything go?!? Like the triennial convention proceedings and workbooks, copies of the minutes from the BOD and CCM, old CTCR documents, old and new Handbooks? … Continue reading

Blessed Easter – The Vigil from Chicago, by Pr. Rossow

Each year our parish (Bethany – Naperville, Illinois) marks the Easter Vigil. It is an abbreviated service, about an hour and a half, not the entire night in vigil. It starts with a procession from a bonfire outside the church and … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Partners in the Gospel: Rev. Seltz and LCMS President Harrison Meet Face-to-Face

Found on Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog; this video is well worth a listen.     Partners in the Gospel Rev. Seltz and LCMS President Harrison Meet Face-to-Face The President of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and the Speaker of The Lutheran … Continue reading

Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted, by Pr. Rossow

It is raining here in Chicago as I write this, during the first hour of our Lord’s suffering on the cross. I am not sure which is more appropriate to mark His death, a gloomy, rainy day to match the … Continue reading

Pulpit Shortage and Prayer: UPDATED

One of the first postings I wrote on BJS had to do with the ongoing pulpit shortage in the LCMS (other Lutherans are suffering from it as well).  It seems like this year’s seminary placement will reflect the same problem … Continue reading

President Harrison’s letter to President Meyer.

Thanks to BJS reader “A Vicar” for sending this to us for posting. This is in reaction to the “consternation” regarding the publicity of President Meyer’s email to students and staff posted here.   Email from President Dale Meyer: Last … Continue reading

Can you feel the “open communication”?

In one of the many documents the Minnesota South District has posted, it claims to act in “the interest of open communication and transparency.” But when I emailed Dr. Peter Meier, Minnesota South’s mission exec, I received (20 hours later) … Continue reading

Holy Tuesday decisions

I’ve put in interview requests with a few of the Minnesota South leaders who made the decision to sell University Lutheran Chapel. This includes the District President and the Mission Exec. I haven’t heard back from them yet but will … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Church Buildings and Children

A loyal BJS reader found this on Pastor Hans Fiene’s blog. We’ve highlighted posts by him previously on BJS. The LCMS corners of facebook have been blowing up today with the revelation that the Minnesota South District has plans to … Continue reading

Uproar about the Future of the U of Minnesota Chapel, by Pr. Rossow

Never before have I gotten so many e-mails suggesting that a story be posted on BJS like this one that is spreading like wildfire throughout the Lutheran blogosphere. The Minnesota South District of the LCMS has plans to sell the University … Continue reading

Concordia Theological Seminary President Nominees Announced

News from Ft. Wayne: Please be advised that the election for the new President of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana will be held pursuant to Bylaw on Saturday, May 21, 2011, at the campus of the Seminary at … Continue reading

Holy Week and Confession

The first of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses is “When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said, “Repent” (Matthew 4:17), he willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.” Confession should be a regular part of our Christian … Continue reading

St. Louis Seminary’s “Out of the Box” workshop

Did anyone get a chance to attend the “Out of the Box” workshop held at Concordia Seminary a week ago in St. Louis? You can check out the flyer (click on the image to the right for a PDF) but … Continue reading

Creation Seminar in Northern California

This came our way recently from Pastor Donald Jordan, and we have put it on the Lutheran Calendar available on this website. To publicize confessional Lutheran events around the country, add a RSS feed to your blog and put “” … Continue reading

“Blessed Holy Week”: A message from President Harrison (posted by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

LCMS President Matthew Harrison has posted a video message for our meditation this week, “Blessed Holy Week.” Click to watch. And I’ve posted a transcript below. Matthew Harrison, President, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod “Blessed Holy Week” This is a miniature … Continue reading

The Politics of Balancing the LCMS Budget have Begun, by Pr. Rossow

President Harrison faces a huge deficit. Many people will be upset as he tries to balance the budget, including me I suppose. The memo below from Dr. Meyer looks like the first example of this. Overall I trust Harrison’s judgment … Continue reading