BJS Newsreel — Streaming Media for the upcoming Conference this Friday/Saturday

NOTE: Updated information available here.


We felt with the number of people asking for conferences closer to where they are that it would be useful to our membership to have live audio streaming of the conference for those too far away to attend themselves.

We will stream the Friday evening banquet, but to listen to the Saturday presentations we ask for a $5 donation. The streaming with be 64kbs MP3 audio, and we’ll make it available on our website.

To help give us an idea of how many might listen live, please comment here or send us an email if you are going to plan on listening during the event.

It will still take us a few days to get the audios online after the conference.


BJS Newsreel — Streaming Media for the upcoming Conference this Friday/Saturday — 12 Comments

  1. Sign me up … I’ve been watching for this for a while now. Audio is great and would request that a move to stream both audio and video be considered in the future.

  2. What, no video for future playback? What will the brothers do at our next circuit meeting? :)

  3. @Walter Troeger #7

    Yes, the Lutheran Catechetical Society plans to be there and record the sessions and Service. DVDs should be ready within a few weeks. (Five”ish” hours of material will take a bit of time to edit and burn.) Watch for an announcement on BJS re: availability.

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