An encouragement for single pastors (and their congregations)

This came to me from a dear friend who faithfully serves without a helper (yet) suitable for him.  I post it here to help those who are single and those whom they serve.  – Pastor Scheer The first preacher, the … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — LCMS Seminary Bookstores Now Online

Posted over on Cyberbrethren this morning:   CPH is very happy to announce that the bookstores on the campus of both of our two seminaries are now available for you to shop from, 24/7/365, via their online store. You’ll enjoy … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Forest Boar on Courts Note LCMS “Commissioned Minister” Fiction

Another excellent article from Wild Boar from the Forest found here. It was bound to happen. The fiction that teachers are “Commissioned Ministers”, executing a ministerial and religious role (kingdom of the right) instead of a secular (kingdom of the … Continue reading

Interesting Question from Former President Kieschnick: “Miss Me Yet?” by Pr. Rossow

A year or so back former LCMS President Kieschnick started publishing a weekly e-mail letter. As an interested observer of all things LCMS I subscribed to his letter and still get his weekly postings. I read them with curiosity. This week’s post … Continue reading

I Need Your Help Learning More About Intentional Interim Ministers, by Pr. Rossow

A congregation has just gone vacant. It used to be that a vacancy pastor was assigned. Now I hear of “Intentional Interim Pastors” going into vacancy congregations. I have seen the intentional interim process from a distance and have had … Continue reading

How Satan took down the first preacher… Guard the pastor’s wife.

This article is about an often neglected part of a congregation, the pastor’s wife.  A man who is called to be a pastor has the first vocation of being a husband and then also a father (if God has blessed … Continue reading

Pax Domini Press – VBS Programs

Pax Domini has some great stuff for VBS and other programs at church. We encourage you to check them out.   Pax Domini Press – VBS Programs Should VBS present Jesus as a cartoon character based on last year’s Hollywood … Continue reading

Carolina Lutheran Loci Meeting this Saturday in Charlotte, NC

The Carolina Lutheran Loci will be meeting this Saturday, February 26th. We will begin at 10:30 a.m. and end around 2:30 p.m. Our presenter will be The Rev’d Greg Alms from Redeemer Lutheran in Catawba, NC. His topic will be … Continue reading

The Two Amendments: Why I’m Recommending “Against” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

On Sunday, March 6, at a special voters’ assembly, our congregation will be voting on two proposed amendments to the Constitution of our Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. (The deadline for the ballot to be received is March 15.) I am recommending … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Ash Wednesday by Pastor Karl Weber

Pastor Karl Weber wrote this for his March newsletter and gives his permission to share it wherever. Feel free to copy it or modify it for your own newsletters if it’s not too late, or sending it to friends. BJS … Continue reading

Challenging Article on Seminary Enrollment by Rev. Heath Curtis

Are there too many pastors? Should a seminary student have a back up plan for employment when he registers his enrollment? Is the practice of “lay ministry” bringing harm to the office of the ministry. These and other questions are … Continue reading

What the picture doesn’t show (fatherhood and a Synodical President)

Since BJS is dedicated to helping restore fatherhood, I thought I would share a moment from the BJS Conference this past weekend.  While attending the first lecture on Witness, my wife and children accompanied me into the sanctuary of Bethany … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — LCMS President Harrison at the LCEF Leadership Conference

LCMS President Matthew Harrison gave a presentation to the Lutheran Church-Extension Fund Leadership Conference in November 2010 at Nashville, Tennessee. His topic was about being ourselves as “creedal Lutherans,” and doing this in the ways of Witness, Mercy, and Life … Continue reading

Audio from BJS 2011 Conference

Here is audio from the various segments of the 2011 Brothers of John the Steadfast conference. We may be able to get more audio or video out; so keep an eye on this post. Information prior to the conference can … Continue reading

Divine Service at the 2011 BJS Conference

One of the questions going around at the Conference this past weekend was …. what does Pastor Fisk look like in real life? Does he have the Samurai Swords behind him, does he jump around as he goes from phrase … Continue reading

Thanks to the Conference Committee

As usual the BJS conference was well run and overflowing with grace and hospitality thanks to the conference committee pictured here: Donna Linnemeyer (Bethany Program Administrator and occassional BJS blogger), Phyllis Rossow (Pastor Rossow’s wife), Aimee Walsh (Bethany Lutheran School Admissions Director and … Continue reading

“The Ballad of Matt Harrison” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

THE BALLAD OF MATT HARRISON Tune: “The Ballad of Jed Clampett” Part 1 Part 2 By Charles Henrickson, the wag tailoring the doggerel Come and listen to my story about a man named Matt A poor pulpiteer, Indiana he was … Continue reading

Reconciliation with Tillie the Comfort Dog, by Pastor Rossow

As some of you know from past blog posts, also here and here, I have been critical of Lutheran Church Charities Installation of their Comfort Dogs as “Ministers of the Gospel”. Since we had the CEO of Lutheran Church Charities … Continue reading

BJS Newsreel — Streaming Audio for Today

The schedule has changed for today — rather than update it in the multiple places it’s posted, the corrected information is below: 8:00 A Manly Man’s Breakfast 9:00 Section 1: Witness – Cantor Phillip Magness 10:00 Section 2: Mercy – … Continue reading

A Few Quick Pictures from the 2011 Conference

Here are a few quick pictures of the conference so far .. more later!             [podcast]//[/podcast]     Check back later for more… … Continue reading

BJS Newsreel — Live Streaming Audio

We will start Live Streaming Audio starting TODAY at 5:30PM Central Time. The link to access it will be: // Please comment on this post (or the previous post) if you plan to listen to the audio, and make sure … Continue reading

New Lutheran Fantasy Novel to be Premiered at the BJS Conference Tonight, by Pr. Rossow

A new Lutheran fantasy novel for youth and adults is being unveiled at the BJS conference this weekend. Rev. Thomas Sabel has written a novel titled “The Prince Decides” which is the first in his “Legends of Luternia” series. “The … Continue reading

BJS Newsreel — Streaming Media for the upcoming Conference this Friday/Saturday

NOTE: Updated information available here.   We felt with the number of people asking for conferences closer to where they are that it would be useful to our membership to have live audio streaming of the conference for those too … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Dedication of New Chapel for LCMS Historic Black College

Dr. Tilahun Mendedo is the new president at Concordia College, Selma, Alabama. He recently dedicated a new campus chapel. Participating in the service was LCMS President Matthew Harrison. Dr. Larry Rast, Academic Dean at CTS Fort Wayne was there, and … Continue reading

BJS Newsreel: Registrants from Oregon, Washington, Kansas, New York and Even Canada Signed Up for the BJS Conference – Last Chance to Register

Registration for the Third Annual Brothers of John the Steadfast conference is closing tomorrow night. We normally keep registration open to the day of the conference but this year the banquet is being catered and so we need an exact number. … Continue reading