Sad, sick, struggling Christians not welcome?

I’m a big fan of Twitter and I know some of you are, too. I came across a curious tweet from Michigan District President David Maier: A good read for Pastors and Churches also … Happy customers make for happy … Continue reading

The Worship Wars Might End If We Had a Real War in Our Land – “Real Worship” by Father Larry Beane

The following was posted on the Gottesdienst Blog. Many of you know Father Beane from his blog Father Hollywood. This post is one of the most succint and convincing critiques of contemporary worship we have seen. (Posted by Pr. Rossow. Thanks … Continue reading

2011 Symposia Reflections

I recently got back from the 2011 Symposia at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne.  I was only able to attend the second half of the week, so I will not be able to give comment on the Exegetical lectures. The … Continue reading

New Lutheran Hour Speaker

Lutheran Hour Ministries has chosen Rev. Gregory Seltz to be their new Speaker.  For their press release: The Lutheran Hour link has some biographical information for Rev. Seltz.  From that I have compiled some resources to help us get … Continue reading

Marriage – the lower estate?

I was heading back from Symposia in Fort Wayne (another post on that to come soon) and tuning through the radio (AM) when I came across an interview with a Roman Catholic Priest concerning marriage.  He went through many “proofs” … Continue reading

Beautiful Baptismal Certificates from Wolfson Creative, by Pastor Thomas Messer

Pastor Messer wrote this on his blog and submitted it to us for posting here:   A few weeks back, I contacted Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller for information regarding the beautiful baptismal certificates I saw him advertising here. He responded quickly, … Continue reading

Handling 2010 Convention Resolutions 8-10 and 9-27

In our upcoming Voter’s Assembly (2-27-11), we will have a rare opportunity to respond to the actions of the 2010 National LCMS Convention, which passed two resolutions to amend the Constitution of the LCMS.    In order to become effective, amendments … Continue reading

BJS non-functioning for the past day or so.

We at BJS apologize to our readers for the non-functioning website for the past few days. No posts could be written, nor could any comments be added to the site for this time. I spent the last day looking through … Continue reading

Nominations for CTS President

I was going to summarize the following call for nominations. But you might as well read the whole thing: The Rev. Dr. Dean O. Wenthe, President of the Seminary, has announced his intent to retire at the end of his … Continue reading

BJS Newsreel: BJS Conference Keeps Getting Better – President’s Sr. Assistant and Former Commission on Worship Assistant Director Jon Vieker to Chant Evening Prayer

It’s not too late to sign up for the annual BJS Conference. LCMS President Senior Assistant Jon Vieker will be making the trip up from St. Louis with President Harrison and will grace the conference by chanting our Evening Prayer … Continue reading

Reflections on Fargo (not the movie)

I just returned from Fargo, ND attending the Joint North Theological Conference (Minnesota North and North Dakota Districts).  While the weather barely cooperated (snow and ice), the conference was outstanding.  The teacher for the conference was President Harrison, who taught … Continue reading

Discounted Accomodations for BJS Conference – Come Join the Brothers and Sisters for a Wonderful Conference and Retreat

The closest hotel to Bethany Lutheran Church, site of the third annual BJS conference, has set aside a block of rooms at a discounted rate for the conference. For details on the conference and to register click here. The closest … Continue reading

Seminary president pool

I wanted to highlight a comment from the Rev. Martin Noland, in a previous post. He explains a bit about what the pool of people who are qualified to be seminary presidents looks like. He says that, generally speaking, you … Continue reading

Wenthe to retire

I’m hearing that Dean Wenthe, president of Concordia Theological Seminary, has told faculty that he is retiring. Further announcements are forthcoming. Things are going to get going pretty quickly. A search committee has been formed by the faculty. I’m not … Continue reading

I Want to Transform My Church – Too True Video, by Pr. Rossow

Check out this video. It is too true. I just got it on the NICL (Northern Illinois Confessional Lutherans) group e-mail. Thanks Craig. The video is a critique of the pop culture transformation of the church. Maybe the church growthers … Continue reading

Installation at Village Lutheran Church

Paul McCain has a great blog post up about the installation of the Rev. Matthew C. Harrison at Village Lutheran Church in Ladue, Missouri. The best quote? “The closer the Synod president is to bedpans, the better.” … Continue reading

Remembering a Forgotten Father

98 years ago on January 9th, one of our great fathers in the faith passed into the Church Triumphant: Karl George Stoeckhardt does not receive a lot of mention in LCMS circles nowadays (Sadly he is not one of the … Continue reading

ELCA publisher’s new book on LCMS

Usually Augsburg Fortress, the ELCA’s publishing house is in the news for its financial troubles. But I thought some might be interested in this upcoming release: Power, Politics, and the Missouri Synod: A Conflict That Changed American Christianity by James … Continue reading

Federal court ruling supports Concordia University – Seward

Via the best First Amendment blog on the internet: Lutheran University Entitled To Title VII Exemption For Religious Hiring; Exemption Cannot Be Waived In Ginsburg v. Concordia University, (D NE, Jan. 5, 2011), a Nebraska federal district court held that … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Fathers

This was referred to me by one of BJS’ commenters:   Fathers Fathers are now the down trodden of society. In many commercials and TV shows the father is the bumbling irresponsible fool. Watch an episode of Family Guy or … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Children’s Church

I found the below referenced in a later post by Wild Boar from the Forest, saying: If a church has “children’s church”, they do not believe in baptismal regeneration. They are also at least semi-Pelagianists. There are no exceptions to … Continue reading

BJS Newsreel: Did We Mention the Flaming Cherries Jubilee for the BJS Banquet Dessert?

Did we mention that we are serving Flaming Cherries Jubilee for the banquet dessert at this year’s Brothers of John the Steadfast conference? The teaching and support staff of Bethany Lutheran in Naperville, Illinois will once again uphold their reputation of superb … Continue reading

BJS Newsreel – Rev. Jonathan Fisk of Worldview Everlasting to Preach at BJS Conference Divine Service

We are happy to announce that Rev. Jonathan Fisk will be preaching at the BJS Conference Divine Service on Saturday, February 12. Rev. Fisk is a frequent commenter on the BJS blogs. His popular web-videos on his Worldview Everlasting site … Continue reading

Is it Cooperation in Externals if Only One Side Views it as an External?

Recently I read an article at the Reporter Online about the continued discussions between the ELCA and LCMS regarding their “Cooperation in Externals”.  This concept largely has to do with disaster relief, taking care of refugees and immigrants, and so … Continue reading

It’s Four O’Clock on a Tuesday – Will There be an Epiphany Feast? By Donna Linnemeyer

It’s Four O’Clock on a Tuesday – Will There be an Epiphany Feast? By Donna Linnemeyer (Editor’s Note: Donna Linnemeyer is the Program Administrator at Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, Illinois. She will be sharing parish life stories from behind … Continue reading