News of ACELC Meeting in Kansas City, MO

Dear Friends,

Today, November 12, 2010, 3 representatives of the ACELC Steering Committee met for 5 hours with 1st Vice-President Herb Mueller and District Presidents Russ Sommerfeld and Ray Mirly. During that time we had some very frank, but cordial, fraternal discussions regarding the ACELC and the issues we had brought forward in our Fraternal Admonition. The following is an official New Release of that meeting. Please feel free to disseminate this News Release freely. The only caveat is that it must be circulated exactly as it appears below with no modification or alternation. Needless to say we are very pleased with the way this has been handled by the leadership of our Synod, and we give most hearty thanks to God for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this process as it has thus far progressed, and we pray will progress in the future.

On Friday, November 12, 2010, in a meeting at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Kansas City, Missouri, representatives of the Steering Committee of the ACELC, !st Vice-President. Herb Mueller, and District Presidents Russ Sommerfeld and Ray Mirly agreed that there is an urgency for a comprehensive study of doctrinal and practical issues within the LCMS. We therefore strongly encourage the Council of Presidents to recommend to President Harrison and 1st Vice-President Mueller to consider the incorporation into a Koinonia project the topics addressed by the “Ten Concerns” of the ACELC. We further suggest that a high priority be given to develop in-depth Bible/Confessional studies for laity and for clergy that lead to a Synod-wide study of Worship and Holy Communion. We ask that all clergy and their congregations commit themselves to participate in these studies. It is further encouraged that these studies will be expanded to be conducted at a Circuit Forum level to engage clergy and laity in this effort.

Your Servants For Christ’s Sake,
The ACELC Steering Committee

Ten Concerns (pages 6-8)

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