NID President’s Report to the Pastors Conference May Suggest the Harrison Effect has Commenced, by Pr. Rossow

In my opinion the report I heard from my bishop, Dan Gilbert, at the Northern Illinois District (NID) South Region Pastors Conference, suggests early on that synod president Matt  Harrison is having a “confessional effect” on the LCMS. Before getting … Continue reading

Constitutional Amendments approved by Convention now on to the Congregations

Posted a couple of days ago on LCMSnews, the constitutional amendments have been mailed to the congregations and are going through the process of congregational approval. Congregations have until March 15th to return their ballots saying approve or reject the … Continue reading

Bishop Obare Takes on the Sacred Cow of Contemporary Worship – Seminaries and President Harrison I Hope You are Listening? by Pr. Rossow

In his sermon at the installation of President Harrison Bishop Walter Obare did the unthinkable. He took on the sacred cow of contemporary worship. Obare is the archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya and is a long-time friend … Continue reading