LCMS President Matt Harrison to be Keynote Speaker at Brothers of John the Steadfast Annual Conference in February

From the BJS Newsreel: The BJS conference is only in its third year but is already known for its stellar list of speakers including Todd Wilken, Chris Rosebrough, Mollie Ziegler-Hemingway and Klemet Preus. We have also been graced by sermons … Continue reading

Sermon talking about Luke 16:19-31

The pastors at my church, as I’m sure many of you experience, really speak the Word in ways that affect us personally or open insights that we didn’t pick up in our own reading. With the number of times I’ve … Continue reading

NID President’s Report to the Pastors Conference May Suggest the Harrison Effect has Commenced, by Pr. Rossow

In my opinion the report I heard from my bishop, Dan Gilbert, at the Northern Illinois District (NID) South Region Pastors Conference, suggests early on that synod president Matt  Harrison is having a “confessional effect” on the LCMS. Before getting … Continue reading

Armed Guards Remove LCMS District President from Voters’ Meeting

Here is some more interesting news from the lawsuit in California. Can it get any stranger? We wish we could verify all of this but …     In order to subscribe send a blank email to the following address: … Continue reading

New Book — Lutheranism101 — from CPH

There’s a new book from CPH, Lutheranism101 written by many Pastors and Theologians around the LCMS. As happened with many of the great books that CPH has published in the past few years, they are trying to get it into as many … Continue reading

St. Louis Seminary Replaces Chapel Tomorrow with Small Groups, by Pr. Rossow

The following post will appear in the Concordia Seminary – St. Louis announcements tomorrow. Small Groups TODAY!!!   Tuesday, September 28, there will be no daily chapel service. Everyone is encouraged to participate in a small group which will use the … Continue reading

New Confessional Reading Groups listed in our directory

We have recently added two Confessional Reading Groups to our directory. Bay City, MI: The St. John Amelith Confessions Study group meets the first Saturday of each month from 9:00am. to 10:30am at the school. Contact Pastor Starke at 686-0176 … Continue reading

The Catechumenate, the Rite of Vocation and BJS, by Pr. Rossow

Every so often one gets a little gift in life and the liturgy that makes you smile. I had just such a gift at the Divine Service yesterday. A few years ago our congregation conformed its new member transfer and … Continue reading

Troubling Hierarchical Language from LCMS Attorney

Editor’s Note: The following is from an e-mail from Reclaim News. For more information you can go to: LCMS Tells Court It Is Hierarchical and Owns Churches Since its founding in 1847, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has claimed that … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Wild Boar on “Desk Job”?

I came across this one in my Google Reader and thought it interesting reading for our Steadfast Lutheran readers. It was found here on Wild Boar from the Forest; I just love his new header image!     District President … Continue reading

Great Stuff from the Theologically Deep Fountain Known as the WELS, by Pr. Rossow

A little mouse up Milwaukee way alerted me to some wonderful essays on worship and outreach that were presented at a recent symposium at the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s (WELS) seminary. Here is what he sent me: The symposium was … Continue reading

Higher Things announces 2011 Conferences

We at Steadfast Lutherans strongly recommend these Higher Things conferences for your youth groups, or even for you to attend if you are in the area. This announcement just came across the webosphere. Talk to your Youth Group leaders and … Continue reading

Real-World Religion and the World of Warcraft, featuring Pastor Fisk

From time to time BJS has featured videos from Rev. Jonathan Fisk’s “Worldview Everlasting” youtube channel, where being relevant and technological doesn’t mean backing down from classic Lutheran theology. But what many people don’t know about Pastor Fisk (and not … Continue reading

Profound and Merciful Exchange on BJS – “Lutheran” Contemporary Worship as a Gateway Drug, by Pr. Rossow

Sorry for the long and awkward headline. The only journalism class I had was in eighth grade. I wrote the headline that way to attract as many of you as possible into this post because it is important for people to … Continue reading

Contest to invite Fans to Issues, Etc. Facebook Page

Issues, Etc. is having a contest to generate fans of the Issues Etc Facebook page: You can win a $50 gift certificate to Concordia Publishing House by simply inviting your friends to become fans of Issues, Etc. on Facebook ( … Continue reading

Comment Formatting on Steadfast Lutherans

I’ve added a page that talks about formatting text within your comments on this site. People have been asking for this, and I finally got around to it. You can also view this page by clicking on the link right … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Christian Parents, by Pastor Borghardt at Higher Things

In addition to being Steadfast Lutherans in our own faith and holding our pastors up to the true doctrine, we need to be steadfast in our training of our children. I know my own experience was to attend church basically … Continue reading

Hymnal in every home

I wrote an article for Thrivent a few months ago about Lutheran hymnody and had the opportunity to interview some experts on the matter. One of the things I found interesting was how quickly Lutheran hymnals came on the scene … Continue reading

My Apology for Misspeaking and Clarification on the Worship Issue from the Harrison Installation, by Pr. Rossow

I had a brief conversation with a member of our congregation the other day, Cheryl Magness, wife of our cantor and she helped me to understand that I used a poor choice of words in my post last Saturday about … Continue reading

Constitutional Amendments approved by Convention now on to the Congregations

Posted a couple of days ago on LCMSnews, the constitutional amendments have been mailed to the congregations and are going through the process of congregational approval. Congregations have until March 15th to return their ballots saying approve or reject the … Continue reading

Get your Witness, Mercy, Life Together resources

The Synod’s Communications Department has put together some early resources that you can download for your own use. Here’s how they explain the emphasis: [A]s President Harrison assumed his new responsibilities for leadership of the church and began pondering how … Continue reading

President Matt Harrison at Concordia chapel

I’m still on a high from last week’s beautiful installation service at the chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. I even re-played the service off of the LCMS web site this morning. It … Continue reading

In Defense of Historical Worship – From a Former Advocate of Contemporary Worship, by Pastor Sean L. Rippy

With the discussions about Contemporary Worship happening on SteadfastLutherans, we thought it a good idea to repost this article by Pastor Sean L Rippy. We posted it a year ago here, but many may have joined in our conversation since … Continue reading

Restructured Synod in meetings

Last week also marked the first meetings of the newly formed International and National Mission Boards. I have no doubt that these boards will figure out their task in relatively short order, but I spoke with many of the members … Continue reading

Bishop Obare Takes on the Sacred Cow of Contemporary Worship – Seminaries and President Harrison I Hope You are Listening? by Pr. Rossow

In his sermon at the installation of President Harrison Bishop Walter Obare did the unthinkable. He took on the sacred cow of contemporary worship. Obare is the archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya and is a long-time friend … Continue reading