President-Elect Matt Harrison’s first Theological Challenge

Here is Matt Harrison’s first theological challenge and it even comes from a seminary! I found this on Facebook, a posting from Prof Gard at Ft Wayne Seminary to President Matt Harrison, obviously written at 6:55am this morning central time. … Continue reading

Rev. Fisk on the Book of Concord

Rev. Fisk again hits a homerun with a video talking about his experience finding the Book of Concord, starting with seeing his future wife’s copy of it that she purchased because she took one class that required it. His first … Continue reading

An Hour (or three) with Pastor Tim Rossow, by Rev. Jack Gilbert

On July 30, 2010, I had the privilege of meeting with Pastor Tim Rossow at Bethany Lutheran Church and School in Naperville, Illinois. In communicating with him through the Brothers of John the Steadfast blog and by private e-mails, we … Continue reading

Here’s to the Liturgy – A Rally Day with the Lopped Off Head of John the Baptist, by Pr. Rossow

Today at Bethany Lutheran – Naperville, Illinois (pardon the construction work as we transition to a new website) we are rallying the children and adults back to Sunday School and Bible Class and celebrating with our annual church and school … Continue reading

The Distaste of Feeding Felt Needs in the LCMS Captured on Ohio District Blog, by Pr. Rossow

Over on the Ohio District website there is a blog (PDF) (since this was posted the blog has been taken down – see the note at the end of this post) that leaves a bad taste in the Confessional Lutheran reader’s mouth. … Continue reading

What is Worship? by Rev Joshua Scheer

Rev. Joshua Scheer of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bagley, MN has this article available as a PDF file on his church website; we’ve posted several similar to this in the past, but wanted to make it available to any new … Continue reading

This Just in from Darrell – The NALC is Born

Over on an old post on the NALC (North American Lutheran Church) we just recieved this comment from Darrell. The North American Lutheran Church has been born. The constitution was just adopted by a resounding voice vote by the 1100+ … Continue reading

President Kieschnick Closes the Book as do We – the Importance of Divine Monergism, by Pr. Rossow

In what appears to be the final edition of his Perspectives, a weekly internet letter that Gerald Kieschnick has been writing for nearly a year now, the LCMS president shares some final thoughts on his service. We highlight it here … Continue reading

Streaming Internet Video – October 10th, The Book of Genesis by Rev. Dr. Joel Heck

On October 10, 2010 (2:00 PM Eastern/ GMT-5), Rev. Dr. Joel Heck of Concordia University, Austin will give a one hour presentation on the Book of Genesis, followed by a question and answer session. While the host congregation will be … Continue reading

It’s Not about Love; It’s about the Truth – Profession of a Homosexual Sinner on the BJS Site, by Pr. Rossow

Our BJS website is very blessed to have a truthful, revealing and Scriptural profession of a man who struggles with the sin of homosexuality. His words are instructive for all of us as to what homosexuality is and how it … Continue reading

Facebook Integration

A BJS reader and commentator sent me a suggestion last night — to add a facebook “like” button on each comment so people can agree with something that others say. I’ve added the button to posts and would appreciate feedback … Continue reading

BJS/SKL Goes International with Associate Director’s Trip to Africa this Week

TRULY INTERNATIONAL — FIRST BJS/SKL SEMINARS ABROAD   The international character of BJS/SKL (Brothes of John the Steadfast/Sisters of Katie Luther) has been evident from the beginning with current membership representing at least three countries beyond the US borders — … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Children in Church by Amanda Markel

I came across this in a google alert (requires a account) on the term lutheran. This post is one woman’s thoughts on keeping children in church v.s. in a nursery. It’s always been my strong belief that children belong … Continue reading

Call for Insights into PLI, by Pr. Rossow

We recently had a request for a review of the work of PLI – Pastoral Leadership Institute. I am not aware of any reviews that we have done here on BJS. Does anyone know of any written review/critique of  PLI? … Continue reading

Welcome, Zion Lutheran of Mission Valley

I just saw this brief story about a celebration planned at Zion Lutheran Church in Mission Valley, Texas, Sunday. The reason? They’re joining the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. With more than 90 percent approval, members voted to separate from the Evangelical … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — What is REAL Lutheran Worship anyway? on Intrepid Lutherans

There is a great post on Lutheran Worship over on Intrepid Lutherans. By the way, the Intrepid Lutheran site was in part inspired by BJS. They are a group of Wisconsin Synod Lutherans who, like the Brothers of John the … Continue reading

ELCA Splinter Group CORE to Constitute a New Church this Week but Falls Short on Scriptural Authority, by Pr. Rossow

Earlier this week we ran a post about a federation of congregations called the LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ). This coming week another group of Lutherans is organizing only this time it is resulting in an actual denomination. … Continue reading

New BoC reading group in Evansville, IN

We at BJS are excited when a new Book of Concord Reading Group starts up; If you have one that we don’t yet know about or have recorded, please tell us. Click here to find out about the ones that … Continue reading

A marketing consultant advises the early church

Christianity Today‘s Mark Galli looks at how consultants would have advised the early church to improve preaching and other issues in this dead-on satire: Let’s begin with one of your leading PR men, Peter, who is clearly a gifted communicator. … Continue reading

What do We Call It? Katie Luther Journal in the Works, by S. Zobel

The newest addition to our publication family needs a name!  The quarterly journal for SKL (Sisters of Katie Luther) focuses on a specific topic for each issue, exploring it through the Lutheran confessions, learning how it is expressed through the … Continue reading

The more things change . . .

I just stumbled across this delightful Lutheran Witness article. I think it might have been written in 1916. I had to share it with you all: Is This Christianity? — The Rev. Philip Yarrow, of Morgan Park, Chicago, plumped down … Continue reading

Lutheranism and the Classics Conference at Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne

LUTHERANISM & THE CLASSICS (1-2 October 2010) A major conference considering how the classical languages have influenced the Lutheran Church in the past, and how Greek and Latin are poised to enrich church, academy, and culture in both the present … Continue reading

Confessions Study Season is Starting Back Up – Word from Nebraska…

The August gathering of the Nebraska Lutherans for Confessional Study (NLCS) will be held on Thursday, August 26 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 3825 Wildbriar Lane in Lincoln. Refreshments will be in the fellowship hall at 9:30 am followed by … Continue reading

A View of the LCMC from an LCMS Pastor, by Rev. Joshua V. Scheer

Martin Noland mentioned the LCMC in his article on What, Now, for the Moderate Lutherans?. Previous BJS poster Rev. Joshua V. Scheer (here and here) thought it would be informative for BJS readers to understand more about this group, so … Continue reading

Insightful Devotion on “Congregations Gone Wild,” in Dr. Murray’s Memorial Moment

Dr. Scott Murray of Memorial Lutheran Church – Houston, Texas and recently elected fifth vice president of the LCMS, has written another insightful devotion. For the full color view of the devotion and for information on subscribing to the daily … Continue reading