Proposed Resolutions: Committee 3, Theology and Church Relations (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

We’re moving through the eight floor committees with their 106 proposed resolutions in “Today’s Business.” Here are the resolutions being proposed by Floor Committee 3, Theology and Church Relations: 3. THEOLOGY AND CHURCH RELATIONS 3-01: To Commend ILC and Task … Continue reading

Proposed Resolutions: Committee 2, District and Congregational Services (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

In this series of articles, I am looking at the 106 proposed resolutions put forward by the eight floor committees, as found in “Today’s Business.” This column considers the resolutions proposed by Floor Committee 2, on District and Congregational Services: … Continue reading

Proposed Resolutions: Committee 1, Missions (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Believe it or not, there will be more business to conduct in Houston than electing a new president and dealing with restructuring proposals. Other elections and other resolutions are on the agenda, as well. So in this series of articles, … Continue reading

More Harrison Momentum: Kieschnick Voters Turning, Contemporary Worship Enthusiast Calls for Jesus First Apology, Etc., By Pr. Rossow

No one knows who will win the LCMS presidency but there is no doubt that Matt Harrison is gaining more and more momentum with each day as Houston 2010 draws closer. Rev. Harrison is an excellent candidate which is creating most of … Continue reading

Recent Unscriptural Decisions in the ELCA are the Product of “Efficiencies” Similar to the Proposed LCMS Structure, by Pr. Rossow

Many people have scratched their heads and wondered how the largest American Lutheran denomination, the ELCA, could violate Scripture so blatantly by approving actively gay and lesbian pastors in their church. The primary reason is that they forsook the inerrancy … Continue reading