Great Stuff Found on the Web — Responsibility and RESPONSIBILITY on Pastoral Meanderings

Thanks to the person who read and recommend this for featuring as a “Great Stuff” post on BJS; we appreciate those who make use of the “contact us” on the sidebar to recommend articles for us. Pastor Peters’ on his … Continue reading

The LCMS Convention: Floor Committee Intrigue, by Scott Diekmann

And so it begins. An overview of the 104 convention resolutions prepared by the eight floor committees for the 64th Regular Convention of the LCMS has been released by Reporter Online. The biggest news may not be what’s in them, … Continue reading

At Home in the House of Schwan: On Church Fellowship (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Today, May 29, is the 105th anniversary of the death in 1905 of Heinrich Schwan, the third president of the Missouri Synod. We honor his memory today by listening to his wise counsel. This is the third in a series … Continue reading

Committee Recommendatons are Out – Let the Final Debate Begin, by Pr. Rossow

The official news source for the LCMS, the Reporter, has released a summary of the work of the convention floor committees who met this last weekend. Critics of this website have thrown up a constant smoke screen to cloud the … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Stand Firm Index of BRTFSSG Articles

Scott Diekmann over on his blog Stand-Firm started a List of Articles on the BRTFSSG back in February. He has updated this list twice now, and Version 3 was recently released. I’ve always been concerned that there are a great … Continue reading

Press Release from The United List

The United List has released their full list of nominees for the 2010 convention.   RELEASE DATE: May 26, 2010 The United List announces the release of its full list of candidates for consideration at the upcoming Synodical Convention. A … Continue reading

BJS Readership Skyrocketing – Nearing 2 Million Page Loads, by Pr. Rossow

As of 11 AM this morning this website has had 1,876,130 page loads. Actually we have most likely exceeded 2 million down loads  but we changed stat counting software after our first few months and so those stats are not … Continue reading

Good Stuff Found on the Web — Which Direction Are We Headed on Pastoral Meanderings

I happened on this today over on Pastor Peters’ Pastoral Meanderings blog .. another home run to me. It steps back from all the individual issues that we are talking about to look at the overall direction of the LCMS. … Continue reading

Pushing Restructuring Through

Remember a few weeks ago when we were commenting on all of the overtures submitted  by Districts, Circuits and other entities of Synod? I don’t think that Districts, Circuits or Boards could have done much more to express specific concerns … Continue reading

Synod boards and commissions in a fight for their existence

Of the various proposals suggested by the Blue Ribbon Task Force, one of the most radical is #18. That’s the one that would eliminate all program boards and consolidate them under the office of the Synodical President. There would be … Continue reading

Angry Mob of Bitter Clingers? Not Really, by Pr. Rossow

On the national political scene the attempt as been made to denigrate conservatives as an “angry mob of bitter clingers.” Based on the early season primaries it is not working. There is a parallel going on in the LCMS. Consider … Continue reading

Great article on LCMS work in Haiti

I wanted to make sure to point you to this article in World magazine about the work LCMS World Relief and Human Care is doing in Haiti right now: The LCMS has been in Haiti since the quake, providing for … Continue reading

The Huge Price of District Bureaucracy

Reclaim News published an alarming analysis of the cost of district offices in the LCMS. The Blue Ribbon Task Force has focused primarily on the restructuring of the synod office. Maybe they are looking in the wrong place for cost … Continue reading

Press Release from the United List

RELEASE DATE: May 18, 2010 The “United List” announces its recommendations for the following offices of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS): Synodical President: Rev. Matthew Harrison of Ballwin, Missouri First Vice-President: Rev. Herbert Mueller, Jr. of Waterloo, Illinois Second through … Continue reading

Giving Away the Crown Jewels, by Pr Roger Gallup

Many of the great universities in the United States began as Christian colleges. If it is Harvard founded by the Pilgrims, Yale, and Presbyterian Princeton, Etc. We see the American landscape littered with institutions that once had a strong religious … Continue reading

The Christian Office of Judgement and Reproof, by Pr Martin R. Noland

In a recent post at the web-site of “Brothers of John the Steadfast,” I attempted to respond to those who have criticized the theological critique of doctrine and church practice that is frequently found at this site (see Criticism of … Continue reading

Mythbusters at work again; The Pastor Shortage, by Pr Loren Zell

Here is a reader submission of an analysis of the continued statements that we will have a pastoral shortage in the next few years. For years, members of the LCMS have heard that the synod is facing a shortage of … Continue reading

Blunt Opposition to a Key Blue Ribbon Proposal Comes from a Surprising Source, by Pr. Rossow

Twenty nine LCMS Children’s Ministry consultants from twenty nine different districts around the country have signed a petition to the synod asking that Blue Ribbon Proposal #18, the keystone proposal, be rejected by the Synod in convention this summer. You … Continue reading


Contemporary worship: the recipe. I’m sure most of you have seen this already but for those that haven’t, the above linked YouTube video is hilarious. “Sunday’s Coming” Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo. … Continue reading

Black Bread and Leadership in the LCMS by Uwe Siemon-Netto

(Editor’s Note: Uwe Siemon-Netto directs the Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life in St. Louis. He wrote the following stunning commentary on the present and future of the Lutheran church and the upcoming LCMS election. BJS owes Uwe a … Continue reading

Good Stuff Found on the Web — Report of Special Committee re Art VII, 1944

Yet more Good Stuff coming from Pastor Albert Collver over on abc3miscellany. Here is information on how nothing is new — we’ve done it all previously. The 1944 Synodical Convention struggled with the issue of the relationship between Synod and … Continue reading

At Home in the House of Wyneken: Put Doctrine into Practice (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Happy 200th birthday, Friedrich Wyneken! Well, happy belated-by-a-day birthday, at least. It was 200 years ago yesterday that Wyneken was born, on May 13, 1810. Next to Walther, F. C. D. Wyneken is probably the most important figure in the … Continue reading

ELDoNA and ACLC Announce Fellowship Agreement

In our efforts to promote confessional Lutheran doctrine BJS is always interested in the proceedings of confessional Lutheran bodies. Two small groups, the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America (ELDoNA) and the Association of Confessional Lutheran Congregations (ACLC) announced this … Continue reading

Putting the Feast Back into Festival, by Pr. Rossow

One of the goals of The Brothers of John the Steadfast is to educate about and promote the historic and traditional liturgy of the church. We welcome posts from our readers to that end. At Bethany Lutheran Church and School … Continue reading

Dr. Nagel on Issues Etc. this Afternoon! by Pr. Rossow

Issues Etc. is airing an interview with Dr. Norman Nagel that took place earlier this week in the care facility where he currently resides. Show host Todd Wilken and producer Jeff Scwharz took recording equipment to the nursing home to … Continue reading