“We all have a vested interest in this case” – Clarity on the Oakland Situation from the Rev. Dr. Martin Noland

Yesterday we posted some news and commentary from Reclaim News on the intriguing situation with a congregation out in Oakland, California. The district is fighting to take the property away from the congregation. It is a story with as many … Continue reading

The One Positive Difference Between the Health Care Summit and the Blue Ribbon Process, and Some Troubling Similarities, by Pr. Rossow

As the synod undergoes President Kieschnick’s attempted blue ribbon overhaul, it has been interesting to compare the process to President Obama’s unending, aborted attempts to overhaul the American healthcare system. There are several similarities that ought to alarm the members … Continue reading

FYI – Reclaim News Analysis of President Kieschnick’s Ash Wednesday Deposition, by Pr. Rossow

As many of our readers know, President Kieschnick has been deposed in a lawsuit involving the LCMS California/Nevada/Hawaii District and a parish in the San Francisco area. Reclaim News has provided commentary on part of the deposition which we have … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Cross Focused Leadership for Missouri

CrossFocusedLeadership.org When you are “fishing around the Web,” you never know what new “fish” you might “catch.” My latest “catch” is “Cross-Focused Leadership for Missouri.” You can find it here: crossfocusedleadership.org. It is apparently designed for LCMS convention delegates, that … Continue reading