“Issues, Etc.” and “Time of Grace”

KFUO-AM is now airing “Time of Grace,” a weekly program featuring Pastor Mark Jeske, senior pastor at St. Marcus Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wis. If you go here on the LCMS Web site, you’ll see that the group that produces the broadcast is now a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS.

What’s curious about that is that in order to be an LCMS RSO, you have to have an LCMS clergyman on your board. Time of Grace doesn’t.

The Board for Communication Services lifted that requirement in a recent meeting:

M/S/C to remove the contingency of LCMS clergy presence on the board for LCMS RSO status for Time of Grace Ministry. [The operative assumption, however, is that the board will continue to have LCMS lay presence.]

But what has people talking is that the host of the program is THE leader of the “church growth” movement in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Fighting some of the false doctrine in the movement is a major problem for the WELS and I’m sure they love that the LCMS is now supporting this program.

You can listen to the program for yourself. Not much Gospel proclamation, which won’t surprise anyone familiar with CGM.

But I can’t get over how odd it is that KFUO would ditch its flagship program — Issues, Etc. — and begin airing “Time of Grace.”


“Issues, Etc.” and “Time of Grace” — 53 Comments

  1. The criticism of TOG saddens me. The “division” and”discord” reflected in many of the comments probably gives the devil great delight.

    Do you personally know the history of St. Marcus, its elementary school, the lives that have been touched in a rough part of town, the hope in Jesus afforded young and old – formerly without hope–for this life and the next? Have you worsipped there, observed the grade school in sesson, visited with any of the members about their faith in Christ Alone?

    The Pastors of St. Marcus, teachers/staff of this inner city Lutheran school and church, and the donors and staff of TOG are the first to say, “To God be the Glory” (or as the hymn begins, “Not Unto Us”).

    We are all sinners, called workers included, but please keep the called workers of St. Marcus in your prayers, for these called workers, like many in the church militant, are giving their very all (health, life, resources) for reaching out to the unchurched, across north Milwaukee and the nation (through TOG). Please pray for them – and for that next person you will speak with about his/her – and your own – time of grace – this side of eternity.


  2. While there are many positive aspects to Time of Grace and the work going on at St. Marcus, there are also issues. There are a couple resolutions at the WELS Convention this July speaking to the positive aspect of ToG, while also calling Pastor Jeske via loving discipline on the matter of ToG being an RSO in the LCMS.

    Pastor Jeske is zealous for the Lord, but in that zealous love for God and mission work, he sometimes steps on toes in the WELSs. Sometimes he even goes beyond zealousness to being hard of heart in his positions which conflict with WELS fellowship principles. We should pray for Pastor Jeske, his God given gifts in ministry, while calling him to repent on matters where he offends.

  3. I saw Mark Jeske this AM on CTN Enjoyed it tremendously. Great message!!
    Baptist in Alabama
    Ms Sydney

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