Missouri District Convention Preview, May 31 and June 2 (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Missouri District Convention Preview: Convention delegates and any others interested are welcome to attend a Missouri District Convention Preview (unofficial and voluntary) this Sunday, May 31, and/or Tuesday, June 2, both in the St. Louis area. We will look at … Continue reading

Resisting the Influence of Evangelicalism, Part VII – The Second of Evangelicalism’s Faulty Practices: Praise Worship Services, by Pr. Klemet Preus

(These posts are adapted from a presentation Pastor Preus made in Sweden for the North European Luther Academy in 2006 and which was republished in the recent edition of Logia, A Journal of Lutheran Theology. We recommend both groups to … Continue reading

President Kieschnick Comes Off as a Fundamentalist – The Northern Illinois District Convention Part IV: A Summary and Review of President Kieschnick’s Presentation, by Pr. Rossow

(The other posts in this series can be viewed by clicking on the Editor’s Blog in the Brother’s Cafe.)   There is so much to review and critique in President Kieschnick’s presentation that I could easily get ahead of myself … Continue reading

Invited Guests from Around the Synod Take the BRTFSSG Survey and Share their Responses with Commentary ““ Today’s Guest: Rev Thomas C. Messer

We have invited over thirty people from around the synod to take the BRTFSSG survey and share with us their responses and comments. (You can take the survey yourself by clicking here.) Our list of invitees includes seminary professors, congregation … Continue reading