Atlantic District President Shows Intolerance – Benke Issues “Cease and Desist” Order Against Lay Group, by Pr. Rossow

The  unionistically tolerant Atlantic District President David Benke is intolerant of his fellow LCMS members. A group called Interested Laymen have grown frustrated that the Blue Ribbon Task Force is less than transparent with input to their proposals and so … Continue reading

I spend more time at the Kulturbrauerei in Heidelberg than I do looking for Disputations, but the Kellerbier doesn’t stop me from thinking about them, by Jon Townsend

(Heidelberg is the site of Luther’s famous disputations with his then Augustinian brothers, thus the title of this post.  Jon’s posts can be seen on the Regular Columns page under the title “God Desires Mercy, Not Sarcasm…) The fear of … Continue reading