Our Favorite Petition Comments

(Twice a month for the next few months we will be featuring our favorite quotes from the “Bring Back Issues, Etc.” petition site. The quotes are selected and introduced by BJS Steering Committee member Ron Revels. The number in the title of the the quote refers to the order in which it was recorded on the petition site. This entry comes from Pastor Wheedon’s site and so is not numbered.)

This second entry is from Rev. Weedon’s blog and is from Bryce Hedstrom, commenting on a call from Rev. Wheedon for testimonials, here is the link:


I find in this wonderful testimonial a perfect picture of why Issues, Etc. was such an important outreach for the Christian Church. Grounding even those from a generic evangelical background and providing them tools “for the thinking Christian” – to be used in their lives and in the lives of those around them.


I am a confessional Lutheran because of Issues, Etc., converting from a non-denominational/pop evangelical background. The daily catechesis of the program delivered via computer downloads kept me grounded in the message of Christ crucified. My children are strong in the Lord and hearty church attenders because I have had the words and the concepts from this program at my disposal to help them when they needed it.



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  1. Does your unique spelling of ‘weedon’ frustrate the filters?

    (I ask because I can’t get weedonsblogspot on this machine; altho any number of mari jane sites are offered instead, which is amusing but not very!)

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